Tactics, training and luck are the determining factors in who survives within visual range aerial combat. Despite [...]

Mitsubishi ATD-X ShinShin developed by Japanese Ministry of Defense Technical Research & Development Institute [...]

The first prototype of the Mig-29, now on permanent display at the Central Air Force Museum in Manino Airfield 40 [...]

After World War II, the Mexican Air Force had a large number of combat aircraft like the Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan, [...]

While the Royal Canadian Air Force and United States Air Force alongside other Latin American Air Forces combat [...]

With the thawing of Arctic zone ice due to global warming and ever-increasing demand for oil, hydrocarbon scouts [...]

Tom Thounaojam: Tell us a little bit about yourself? Jim Mumaw: I’m a funeral director who enjoys aviation as well [...]

Return to Base (R2B) is a South Korean drama based on aviation plot. The film is all about an uncontrolled young [...]

First, there were lots of news and rumors that China is probably developing a secret stealth bomber like B-2 [...]

SPECTRA (Système de Protection et d’Évitement des Conduites de Tir du Rafale) is a integrated defensive aids [...]