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F-35 Sale denied by Trump, No Stealth Fighter Jets For Turkey

F-35 Sale

Amid increasing tensions between Ankara and Washington, the US President Donald Trump has signed the policy which will prevent the F-35 Sale to Turkey.  The Turkish Air Force has ordered 30 units, with 2 units already delivered and has planned to induct 120 units in total. Legal proviso added to stop the F-35 sale to Turkey A proviso has been ...

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Israel Prepares for war, IDF practices long-range missions

Israeli Air Force conducted aerial exercises over Greece this week, working on its long-range capabilities.  The exercise included mid-air refueling, F-15Is, F-16Is and Boeing 707 trained with the Greek F-16s. The training focused on exercising and strengthening its range of capabilities through long-range flights as well as other exercises. The exercises poses special challenges in planning and executing flights with ...

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