Quote:br /emFrom the Jerusalem Post 20 Apr 2007.the Israel Air Force has expressed new found interest in receiving the F-22 and has requested that the Defense Ministry present the request on its behalf to U.S./embr /em/embr /This is just a piece of information I got from some forum. I would be really grateful if someone gave me a link.br /br /Now the big question, will United States sell it’s most deadliest fighter to Israel? Even Australia had interest in the F-22, but United States had made it clear that F-22 was not for sale, but that was to Australia. United States can change their policies anytime they like. United States might consider selling F-22’s to Israel as US has tensions with Iran over it’s nuclear program and Israel can prove to be a good ally. If Israel had the right tools it would be great help to United States.br /br /But what about the technology transfer? Perhaps, for now we are uncertain as there is no solid decision of Israel acquiring the F-22’s just yet. F-35 looks more realistic to Israel, but F-35 is still under development and will take longer time for the production to begin.br /br /Conclusion:br /My opinion is that the US should loosen up and sell at least 50 F-22’s to Israel and when F-35’s are out Israel needs minimum 100 of them. For now Israel has the deadliest Airforce in the middle east, but after acquiring F-22’s and F-35’s Israel will be the deadlier than all of the middle eastern airforces combined together.

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