On 28 March 1923, with Royal Decree No. 645, the Regia Aeronautica was founded. For about 94 years, each and everyday men and women have woven the history and identity of the Italian Armed Forces day after day.

Sophisticated equipment and technologies evolve relentlessly a complex, structure, modern and cohesive structure, to serve the country in close collaboration with other state agencies Thanks to a staff characterized by a deep motivation and high professionalism.

One of the four Armed Forces of the State, along with Army, Navy and Carabinieri, the Italian Air Force is the instrument of defence of the country that ensures the security framework, in Italy and abroad respecting those principles of liberty, democracy, absolute protection of human dignity, which are the fundamental characteristics of its national identity.

Defending the Italian airspace from any violation, by preventing and neutralising the possible dangers coming from the sky but also offering support to peacekeeping missions outside the country, humanitarian missions, as well as to provide the air rescue: this is its main air task force.

The anniversary took place last week, hosting the presence of the President of Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, Minister of Defence Roberta Pinotti and the General Chief of Defence Staff Claudio Graziano.

The Air Force has held an important role in modern Italian military history. The aerobatic display team is the Frecce Tricolori which was present at the ceremony too.

The nation is exploring the wider use of its air assets outside conflicts and is trying to expand the F-35’s role into new areas.

Growing the number of roles performed by the Joint Strike Fighter is being a milestone as a future replacement to the Eurofighter Typhoons.

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