Azerbaijan Defense Minister Safar Abiyev and Defense Industry Minister Yavar Jamalov are scheduled to make an official visit to / br /The meetings during the visit are to cover cooperation between Azerbaijani and Pakistan in defense industry, APA /br /While attending the IDEAS international defence military exhibition in Pakistan, Azerbaijan showed interest to JF-17 multirole fighters as well as tanks and small arms made in /br /JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft is result of joint effort between Pakistan and Chinese aerospace industries. The production of JF-17 is set to start in 2008 with two aircraft already delivered to Pakistan air force in March, 2007, Pakistan is expected to receive total of 150 to 200 /br /Azerbaijani Embassy in Pakistan and Foreign Ministries of the two countries are preparing for the /br /Safar Abiyev and Yavar Jamalov are said to hold several official meetings in the Pakistani Defense Ministry. Defense Industry Minister Jamalov will talk with the Secretary of Pakistan Defense Ministry Shaig Siddig Termidi on cooperation prospects.

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