The global market for airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) platforms and payloads is thriving, with recent assessments pegging its latest value at close to $20 billion and forecasts of up to $43 billion by 2020. Providing a high-end, versatile capability that offers broad situational awareness, airborne ISR is the force multiplier that no modern military can be without – and recognition of this fact has led to a race for information superiority in the sky.

The market comprises a range of vital systems from manned platforms to AEW&C aircraft and UAVs, all of which are seeing strong acquisition across every major region. The recent campaigns in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have proven that forces now rely on all of these specialized aircraft to carry out efficient and successful missions, from countering insurgent activity, protecting local populations and identifying potential threats from land, air or sea. Civil ISR spending is also on the rise, lending further weight to the prospects of this expanding market.

Given the widespread race for airborne information, the integration and interoperability of these systems is of course playing a major focal point for the future of joint force operations. With many nations prioritizing the need to share information and ISR resources with partners and allies, new opportunities for commercial providers have come into play in line with the range of new challenges inherent to the rapid advance of technology.

In an era of emerging threats from across the globe, it is key that you generate the intelligence needed to build a comprehensive picture to understand the enemy. Ensure you make informed decisions from Europe to the Middle East, across Africa and into Asia at Airborne ISR & C2 Battle Management US 2014. From November 18 – 20 2014, the event will be coming to Washington DC focusing on the domestic market and strategic partnerships.

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