London: US F-22 Raptor, the world’s most technically advanced fighter jet, is one of the most fearsome killing machines /The crowd were in awe as it made its first European appearance at the Farnborough air show, twisting and turning with balletic grace. It carries a 20mm cannon, six Aim-120 air-to-air missiles and two Aim-9 heat-seeking missiles, making it the most lethal fighter /Us Air Force pilot Major Paul Moga, who flew the plane, said: “It’s a privilege. I feel honoured and blessed.”br /The Raptor even lives up to its name, sounding like a howling /Made from titanium and top secret composite materials, its engines have nozzles that can swivel round and its missiles are carried internally, making it the most agile fast jet /In fact, the F-22, made by Lockheed and Boeing, is so advanced that the firms are banned from selling it to other /Major David Krumm, who has also piloted the Raptor, added: “It flies better than anything I have ever flown.”br /The US Air Force has taken delivery of 119 F-22s, with a further 60 on order, The Mirror /F-22 travels twice as fat as sound and has a range of 2,000 miles. Sneaky smooth lines of raptor help it to evade radar. Its antennae, tanks and missiles are fitted internally. Its cost’s 71 million /Source: a href=””Yahoo! News /a

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