Four new F-16I (Storm) fighter jets arrived in Israel Thursday evening as part of a deal signed in 2000 with Lockheed Martin Corp to purchase 102 planes of the same /br /The two-seater F-16I, known in Israel as the “Storm”, was designed specifically for the Israeli air force. The new jets will be equipped with Israeli-made /br /The US defense contractor began delivering the planes in 2004, and Israel Air Force officials said Israel would not renege on the deal despite the discovery of a cancer-causing substance in one of previously delivered /br /IAF officials estimated that the majority of fighter pilots who have flown in F-16I’s have been exposed to the carcinogenic substance which was discovered, but stressed however that those exposed have a very low risk of developing the /br /The pilots in question will undergo special tests to monitor any possible cancerous developments as part of their routine physicals. At present time the carcinogenic material has not been found in other jets.

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