An Indian Air Force contingent comprising 29 Air Warriors alongwith an IL-76 aircraft would be participating in joint Indo-Russian Indra 07 Exercise from 11 Sep 07 till 20 Sep 07at Pskov in Russia. Ex Indra 07 is an airborne exercise in which there would be joint participation between the airborne forces of Russia, Indian Army and the Indian Air /br /The Indian Air Force team, led by Gp Capt SRK Nair, would be participating in paradrop and other exercise maneuvers at Pskov near St Petersburg in Russia. This 10 day coy level exercise is based on the theme of counter terrorism. Exercise Indra 07 would give boost to the bilateral defense cooperation between India amp; Russia. The exercise is also very important from training point of view as the Indian Air Force would familiarize with Russian training aspects and understand the counter terrorism doctrine of the host Nation. The exercise also provides an opportunity to practice free fall technique with highly experienced diving team in the /br /It may be recalled that in Oct 2005 Exercise Indra 05 was held in India in which three IL-76 from Russia along with their airborne forces had participated. During exercise Indra 05 heavy drops and combat training and training was done between /br /Exercise Indra 07 poses unique challenges for flying. The accuracy of drops is an absolute necessity to success of such operations. The IAF crew would be maintaining accurate flying parameters while negotiating unknown terrains and changing weather conditions for the success of the operations.

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