Russia and India on 7th March 2008 signed a billion-dollar deal for the improvement of the Indian Air Force’s 92 Mig-29 fighter planes, a report /br /The deal, signed by the Defense Ministry and the Russian RAC-Mig company, requires the planes to be armed with well-equipped avionics suites equal to the newest shipborne Mig-29K/KUB fighters being constructed for the Indian Navy, the Press Trust of India reported /br /The pact reportedly is one of two deals the Indian Air Force expects will upgrade its quickly weakening fighter /br /In the second major upgrade plan the Air Force wants to upgrade its 52 Mirage 2000 fighters to match the quality of French Air Forces Mirages, the report /br /The first six MIG-29 fighters reportedly would be worked on in Russia and finished by 2011, while the 86 other fighters would be upgraded at Indian Air Force /br /Source: a href=””Moldova/a

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