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DA #6: Space Tourism – Fly to Edge of Space on a MiG-29, experience Zero gravity and more. An interview with Philipp Schaer of MiGFlug

In this episode, I interview Philipp Schaer CEO of MiGFlug. An interesting company that takes people to the edge of space on a MiG-29 and conduct zero gravity flights. You can stream using the player above or download the mp3 to your computer or handheld devices. Download this episode (right click and save) As Russia went through a deep economic ...

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What is the importance of Scramble time to an Air force?

Scramble time is basically how fast an Air force can get its fighter planes in the air in case of an emergency, like an attack from enemy aircraft or in similar other  mission critical scenarios. To “scramble” combat aircraft means to get them started, the crews aboard, and in the air as fast as possible. Scrambling an aircraft means to ...

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