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Is China afraid of BrahMos? A case of India flexing its military muscle or is it a defensive strategy?

Amid rising tensions in North East India, in the disputed area between China and India, New Delhi has taken a bold step of deploying its most advanced supersonic cruise missile, the “BrahMos” along the border in Arunachal Pradesh. This is part of efforts by the Indian Government to beef up self-defence capabilities and increase military infrastructure in the region, but ...

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India defies China, Agrees for the sale of BrahMos supersonic ramjet cruise missiles to Vietnam

Vietnam has been interested in BrahMos for sometime now but China sees India selling BrahMos to Vietnam as an act of belligerence and interference in the South China Sea dispute. The intergovernmental agreement between India and Russia to develop the BrahMos stipulates that both countries have to approve the export sale to a friendly nation that neither Russia nor India ...

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