During the Aero India 2015, the first Sukhoi Su-30MKI was handed over to the Indian Air Force equipped with the air based version of the BrahMos which is a supersonic cruise missile. This event took place in Bangalore which was headed by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Company and the Russian-Indian Company BrahMos Aerospace. The test launch of this missile is said to be taking place in the month of March 2015. This version of BrahMos missile is 500kgs lighter and half a meter shorter than its sea launched version.

The ramjet supersonic cruise missile has a two stage system with a solid propellant booster engine at the first stage which separates after it reaches a supersonic speed. The second stage includes the liquid ramjet which brings the missile in its cruise stage while reaching the Mach 3 speed. Exceptional features are provided in the software which will be leading to superior quality stealth and guidance. It is the world’s fastest cruise missile in operation.

India is on the brink of modernization in terms of military upgrades. The Indian Government has been trying to accumulate as much new assets as possible estimating to over $90 billion. The entire fleet upgrade of the Su-30MKI estimated over $3.3 billion. During the year 2012, the Indian Government’s security committee had allocated over $1.1 Billion on the purchase of 200 BrahMos which is said to be installed on every Su-30MKI fighters.

The production of the Su-30MKI fighters involves over 150 industries in India. These jets are installed with hi-tech gadgets which are produced in India. The estimated cost of the BrahMos on the Su-30MKI is around $50 Million.

BrahMos Aerospace is a joint venture between the Defence Research and Development Organization of India and “Military Industrial Consortium” “NOP Mashinostroyenia” of Russia. This company was established on February 12, 1998 with the signing of the agreement between The Republic of India and The Russian Federation.

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