The Indian armed forces are prepared to meet any eventuality, Air Force (IAF) chief, Air Chief Marshal Fali Homi Major, said on Saturday.pTies between nuclear-armed Pakistan and India, which have fought three wars since 1947, have deteriorated sharply after coordinated attacks by 10 gunmen on Mumbai in late November that killed 179 people./pp”If you are talking of the armed forces, if you are talking of the Air Forces in particular, yes, we are always prepared,” Major told reporters on the sidelines of an air force function in Bangalore./ppOn the possibility of the war with Pakistan, the Air Chief said that the armed forces only prosecute the will of the government./pp”These issues are well decided by the government. The armed forces only prosecute the will of the government,” he said./ppAir Chief Marshal Major said that the country’s air force was prepared to thwart any possible terror attack./pp”We’ve got all measures in place, as far as aerial cover is concerned within the country. All measures have been taken,” the air force chief said./ppIndia went into diplomatic overdrive to gain support for its case after the November attacks, but some of its Western allies such as the United States and Britain expressed doubts New Delhi had enough evidence to implicate the Pakistani state./pIndia and Pakistan have fought three wars since /br /Source: a href=””Yahoo! News/a

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