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QF-16 Air Superiority Target (AST) Specifications

The USAF plans to convert older-model F-16s into full-scale target drones under the QF-16 Air Superiority Target (AST) program. These AST drones are used in Weapon System Evaluation Programs (WSEP) for assessing upgrades or replacements for air-to-air missiles (AAM), and they are also useful for giving pilots the experience of a live AAM shot and kill prior to entering combat. ...

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First European stealth UCAV the nEUROn almost ready for flight

Since the official unveiling of the nEUROn, Europe’s Dassault-led stealth UCAV to the partner nations France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland early this year on 19 January, its maiden flight is expected to be conducted in mid 2012. Final assembly activities on the programme’s lone aircraft were completed recently at Istres air base in southern France, and the platform ...

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