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First European stealth UCAV the nEUROn almost ready for flight

Since the official unveiling of the nEUROn, Europe’s Dassault-led stealth UCAV to the partner nations France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland early this year on 19 January, its maiden flight is expected to be conducted in mid 2012. Final assembly activities on the programme’s lone aircraft were completed recently at Istres air base in southern France, and the platform ...

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Conquering the UAV Human Machine Interface

The pace of change within the field of Unmanned Aerial Systems is simply staggering. From relative obscurity in the 1990’s, there are now over 260 UAV variants flying or in development from over 50 countries. Whole new classes of aircraft have emerged: SUAS, TUAS, MALE, HALE, LEMV and UCAS, and capabilities stretch to 7 days airborne, 70,000+ feet and 3,000+ ...

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