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F-22 Raptor sees combat for the first time in 9 years: Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria

F-22 Raptor on Monday saw action for the first time, The US Air Force deployed its F-22 stealth fighter planes in combat for the very first time on September 22nd during airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria. Syria has advance anti-aircraft system, Assad’s regime may even have Russian S-300 missiles in their inventory, along with other sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons. The ...

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South Korea to procure stealth aircraft detecting RADAR by 2020

South Korean Air Force has expressed interest to procure stealth-detection RADAR by the year 2020. South Korea’s neighbors such as Russia, Japan and China are racing to develop stealth fighter jets. China is developing fifth-generation stealth aircraft such as the J-20 and J-31 while Japan has signed a contract with Lockheed Martin to purchase 42 F-35 jets. Russia is working ...

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Boeing F-15 Silent Eagle Specification & Technical Data

Boeing unveiled a new version of F-15 called Silent Eagle, it’s a improvised stealth version of F-15 Strike eagle. F-15 is a world-class fighter aircraft. Continuous avionics upgrades could keep it competitive with super-fighters like the F-22. But the F-22’s distinct advantage is that the airframe was designed to be stealthy from the start. While Boeing has done a few ...

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