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Sukhoi PAK-FA an insight in the emerging future fighter designs

The Sukhoi PAK-FA (known to some as T-50-designation given to the prototype phase) is an emerging frontline, multi-role all weather combat aircraft under development in the Russian Federation.  A successor to the venerable and now omnipresent Su-27 family, it is expected to be a standard bearer of the family into the battlefields of the 21st century for at least the ...

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Clash of Stealth Fighters

In late 2010, Chengdu J-20 underwent speed taxiing test at Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute’s airfield and first known Chinese stealth aircraft has just emerged from a secret development program. The aircraft appears to be somewhat larger and heavier than most observers expected. The J-20 made its first flight on 11 January 2011. It is still in the phase of research ...

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Su-PAKFA a Russian Stealth Fighter

The Sukhoi PAK FA (or PAK-FA or T-50 ) is a fifth-generation fighter which is being developed by Russia. PAK FA stands for Perspektivnyi Aviatsionnyi Kompleks Frontovoi Aviatsyi  which basically means Advanced Tactical Frontline Fighter.PAK FA is being developed by a consortium of companies spearheaded by Sukhoi OKB. Sukhoi’s internal project codename is known as T-50. The PAK FA is ...

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