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36 Dassault Rafales : India’s Saviour Finally Arrives

36 Dassault Rafales : India's Saviour Finally Arrives

The Dassault Rafale, known globally as the most potent strategic multi-role jet fighter, will significantly bolster India’s defence and combat abilities against its hostile neighbours Pakistan and China. The induction of the combat jets seems perfectly timed as India is in the midst of border tensions with China. The 36 French combat aircraft will be a game-changer for India’s defence ...

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Gripen fires Meteor missile for the first time

It was the first live-firing of the Swedish Integration programme. Gripen has also been the launch platform from the start of the development of the Meteor missile. The purpose of this test was to verify the model on separation of the missile from the aircraft. The impact from the missile exhaust plume on the aircraft engine was also studied. As ...

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