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Are you sick & tired of the Islamic State? The Russian Intervention in Syria: A decisive step to end the world’s trickiest conflict

When the unrest in Syria began in early 2011 within context of the Arab Spring revolution, most had expected only one of the two outcomes: either a quick ouster of President Basher Al-Assad or a bloody crackdown of the rebels. However, the war has dragged on and spawned the most dangerous terrorist organization of the world, the Islamic State. By ...

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F-22 Raptor sees combat for the first time in 9 years: Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria

F-22 Raptor on Monday saw action for the first time, The US Air Force deployed its F-22 stealth fighter planes in combat for the very first time on September 22nd during airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria. Syria has advance anti-aircraft system, Assad’s regime may even have Russian S-300 missiles in their inventory, along with other sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons. The ...

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