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Chaoxun-1 vs BrahMos: An Arms Race or War of Words Over RAMJET Supersonic Cruise Missile Technology?

Despite media frenzy in defence circles, it has been stated that the Chaoxun-1 (CX-1) supersonic missile designed by China’s Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Beijing is not a copy of India’s Brahmos missile. There have been allegations that Russian technology had been passed on to China, or that it had been stolen. These reports have been proven false by Russia ...

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Indian Air Force Maintaining strategic equilibrium

Indian Air Force faces two possible threats in the future in the form of Pakistan Air Force in the North West and the People’s Liberation Army Air Force breathing down its neck at the nation’s North Eastern boundary. PAF although a significantly smaller threat when compared to PLAAF is nevertheless a threat. PLAAF on the other hand enjoys numerical superiority ...

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