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Boeing begins flight testing of Chinook Mk4 helicopter

Boeing has begun flight testing of the first Chinook Mk4 helicopter for the Royal Air Force (RAF). The first flight took place on Dec 9 in Hampshire, England.  “Project JULIUS, as the Mk4 program is known, will modernize the current Royal Air Force Chinook fleet – essentially giving us new aircraft,” said Chris White-Horne, Mk4 project team leader for the ...

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What is the importance of Scramble time to an Air force?

Scramble time is basically how fast an Air force can get its fighter planes in the air in case of an emergency, like an attack from enemy aircraft or in similar other  mission critical scenarios. To “scramble” combat aircraft means to get them started, the crews aboard, and in the air as fast as possible. Scrambling an aircraft means to ...

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