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Fighter Pilot Experience: Blackout vs Whiteout

In terms of the aircraft, most fighter planes are designed to deal with the effects of positive G and negative G. The F-16 has a positive G limit of 9 and a negative G limit of -3.5. Other aircraft have limits up to 10 G’s and can change direction quite fast while pulling positive G in order to outrun opponents. ...

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Ex-USAF pilot remembers his time during duty

In 3 years of Doug Brower’s service at the Galena Airforce Base, Alaska, the most exciting experience was to be scrambled to intercept a Soviet Tu-16 nicknamed Badger. He along with Darrel Hunt, his Weapons Systems Office flew F-4Es who protected United States borders during the 70s remember the days of cold war. Doug Brower now a civilian Cargo Pilot, ...

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