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Are you sick & tired of the Islamic State? The Russian Intervention in Syria: A decisive step to end the world’s trickiest conflict

When the unrest in Syria began in early 2011 within context of the Arab Spring revolution, most had expected only one of the two outcomes: either a quick ouster of President Basher Al-Assad or a bloody crackdown of the rebels. However, the war has dragged on and spawned the most dangerous terrorist organization of the world, the Islamic State. By ...

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Role of Helicopters in Frontier Area Oil Exploration

With the thawing of Arctic zone ice due to global warming and ever-increasing demand for oil, hydrocarbon scouts are being forced to even higher latitudes and greater depths in their quest for oil. Prominent emerging areas of “tough-zone” oil exploration are deep-water regions and the Arctic Circle. As most of the easy oil and the large subsurface concentrations of hydrocarbons ...

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Sukhoi PAK-FA an insight in the emerging future fighter designs

The Sukhoi PAK-FA (known to some as T-50-designation given to the prototype phase) is an emerging frontline, multi-role all weather combat aircraft under development in the Russian Federation.  A successor to the venerable and now omnipresent Su-27 family, it is expected to be a standard bearer of the family into the battlefields of the 21st century for at least the ...

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