Dozens of Aircraft with No Call-signs and Destination are leaving Iran. Are the powerful and the rich fleeing Iran?

Protests increasing in the last four days across Iran has made the top officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran very uneasy. Calls for severe actions against protestors has backfired against the government.

Today an unusually large number of aircraft with no Call-signs and unidentifiable destination were seen leaving Iran on FlightRadar. Speculations of the members of the government and rich fleeing Iran are being discussed by analysts familiar with the incident in Iran.

Long haul aircraft like Airbus A340 from Iran Aseman Airlines are being flown to unknown destinations.

Protests have been spreading across Iran, making the government of Islamic Republic of Iran very uneasy

The unusual aircraft movement have been reported from the last 24 hours.

The protests were initially for economic woes, against the high price of goods and commodities, turned to protesting Iranian involvement in the Middle East, as well as Ayatollah Khamenei, the current Supreme leader of Iran, and the Islamic government itself. In many protests throughout the country people showed support and remembered Reza Shah regime.

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  • Khan Majeed

    This cannot be true

    • We don’t know why there are so many unusual movement of aircraft without call-signs. But there were in the last 24 hours. It looks very suspicious. I have been personally seeing it on FilightRadar.

      • Larry Cook

        Not unusual if you were to go back to the time of the last regime change. Rats fled the area, any way they could.

        • Khan Majeed

          This is just a video game and America is trying to spread fear in Iran. And it is so sad that the Iranians are suffering from the diseases of “Superior Race Syndrome like the Nazis” and also a bloated ego syndrome. They have deviated from the true Islam and now joined forces with the Russians i.e. the Anti-Christ as accurately predicted in the Bible.

          • loupgarous

            I’m old enough to have gone to college with Iranians just before the Revolution. Then, there were two kinds of Iranians there – kids from wealthy families and soldiers of the Pahlavi regime, and those Khomeini partisans who’d escaped SAVAK. The Pahlavi loyalists had plenty of money to study abroad, and they came to America in droves. I’m guessing Iranians influential enough to get part of the Iran deal money are now getting away while the getting is good. They remember how many of their relatives died during the Revolution.

          • Larry Cook

            I have done my studies of world’s religions, and only touched upon beliefs etc. But the Iranians cozening up to the Russians, is because the rest of the world respects the sanctions placed upon that nation.
            And that came to an end during Obama’s watch, something that had just started to work, was ended. And what exactly was the final deal made? Was it approved by the members of the Senate? Or was it one of the often end-runs that made the news during Obama’s terms?

  • Khan Majeed

    What you cannot be true again because no radar can see so far. This also means you have nothing to do with radars and you do not understand how radar works

    • dude!!! I am talking about

      Get a grip.

      • Khan Majeed

        Ok that is interesting – thanks

    • Larry Cook

      You must forget, that there are radars in the skies, with orbital paths that cross that nation. And yes, they could very well see anything they wish to from space. Now what seems to be shown, is two flights, then four flights without noted call signs. As to the destinations, really? Again, one is not just going to hop into any jet aircraft, taxi it out, and fly off, without some form of contact with ground and flight control. Otherwise it would likely come notice of air defense systems.
      As to understanding how radar works, really? When nations that lead the research and development into such devices. But then too, there are other ways to spy on operations. And one merely has to take surrounding areas, and watch planes leaving or entering.
      But this is also the world that seemed to “lose” that flight a couple of years ago, and it still has not been located. Or if it has, that information has not been released.
      The main reason this kind of thing becomes a problem, is that we have already felt the sting of such aircraft used in terrorist operations. And once burn, twice shy.

  • ajsdaddie

    Crazy. Still going on. I see right now two unidentified aircraft landing and two leaving.

    • ajsdaddie

      And they’re not little planes! There are a couple of mid-size planes, but I see an MD-82 and an MD-83. How do you just crank up an MD-82 and fire it off the runway?

  • gibbygtnk

    An associate who is in a position to know (or at least speculate with informed cause) thinks that it is too soon to see an exodus. His take is that they are retrieving Hezbollah fighters to reinforce their side.