Could AVIC AG600 solve China’s Aircraft Carrier Onboard Delivery Problems?

One of the crucial problems Chinese aircraft carrier programme face is that it lacks an efficient aircraft for delivering logistics and personnel quickly. Sure they can use helicopters but they are slow and have a short range.

China, unlike the United States, does not have the luxury of operating military bases around the world. So if China wants to have forward action effectiveness for its aircraft carriers it needs to find ways to deliver supplies and personnel to its Carrier strike group.

Meet AVIC AG600, Boeing 737 sized amphibious aircraft which can operate on both water and land

AG600 can also be used for long-range patrols, anti-submarine warfare and mine-laying missions

The United States Navy uses Grumman C-2 Greyhound for it’s Carrier Onboard Delivery needs

The United States Navy plans to use V-22s in the near future

The Chinese government has already placed an order for 17 AG600 aircraft and is considering purchasing an additional 53 in the coming years. Beijing also hopes to export the aircraft. What do you think of China using AG600 as a logistic aircraft for its aircraft carriers? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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  • Anil chopra

    Aircraft has both civil and military roles. As an Aerial firefighter it can drop 12 tonnes of water. In search and rescue operations it will accommodate 50 passengers.It will meet China’s strategic defence logistics needs in South China Sea.It could help Chinese aircraft carrier with logistics support also. It will be used to patrol as far south as James Shoal. 17 ordered till date by Chinese customers. New Zealand and Malaysia expressed an interest.

    • China hasn’t showed any interest yet, AG600 being used as a COD. This is my analysis since AG600 can operate on sea and technically can provide logistics to the Chinese Carrier strike group.

      • Anil chopra

        The fact State Aviation Company AVIC has pumped in so much money China has a clear focus to acquire it. Next door neighbour Japan has developed their own ShinMaywa US-2. China’s area of strategic focus is mostly on its Eastern Sea board. This aircraft will help for the South Sea Islands and also for the ultimate invasion of Taiwan one day. A variety of Logistics tasks including the support to Carrier group.

        • Glad to know a retired Indian Air Force officer also thinks the same way as I do 🙂

  • Kim Robinson


    My overall technical, aeronautical and logical response about the AG600, also known as TA-600, the world’s biggest amphibious aircraft developed
    by Chinese state aircraft manufacturer, Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) appears to be an excellent universal aircraft.

    China has invested many years researching with many resources into this aircraft.
    An outstanding aircraft in every aspect!

    In Best Regards,

  • This aircraft is one that Brazil should look after. WIth such a long oceanic coast and large rivers and lakes, it would be very useful in a variety of roles, including logistics, firefighting, SAR and offshore patrol.

  • Kichu NaMo

    So a 737 sized seaplane.China has a good mindset making this plane, but this cant be a good defence plane.At the most they can be used for firefighting.Its use can only be in civil aviation not Defence.The US have been manufacturing Defence planes since early 50’s so the chinese have a long way to go.

    • In my article above i discussed it more as cargo plane delivering to aircraft carrier group.

      • Kichu NaMo

        There is no chance this can deliver to a aircraft carrier.
        OK perhaps Airdrop supplies.But then again we neeed to see how its being deployed by Chineese forces.