5 Military Aircraft of Korean People’s Army Air Force older than Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un’s parents have left him a large trust-fund but unlike American rich kids blowing things on their Xbox, Kim has the capabilities to blow-up real countries. Like most trust-fund kids, Kim too has been wasting on a lavish lifestyle while his country dies in hunger. Born in 1982, Kim is 35 years old but his country’s weapons are even older than him.  Following are the list of 5 Military Aircraft of North Korea older than Kim Jong-un.

5) Chengdu J-7 is 16 Years older than Kim (120 units)

4) 21 years older than Kim is the Mil Mi-8 (40 Units)

3) Shenyang J-6 is 23 years older than Kim Jong-Un, old enough to be his mother. (96 units)

2) Shenyang J-5 at 26 years older than Kim Jong-un (106 units)

1)  Sukhoi Su-7 is 27 years older than Kim with 18 active units

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