Indian Air Force not happy with Sukhoi T-50/PAK-FA/FGFA

Indian Air Force (IAF) has now announced that it would not linger its association with Russia over the PAK-FA. This news came in as shock as the collaboration had aimed to develop a futuristic Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA). IAF has decided to pull the chords down due to the loop holes that are now perceptible in the niche. Statements made by the Indian Air Force officials said that Russians would not be able to fulfill their deal with regard to the performance and the operations of the Sukhoi FGFA.

Besides the performance issues that may arise in future, the Sukhoi made stealth jet is of an exorbitant price and the architecture itself is poor and below the acceptable mark. The jet is powered by old and poor quality engines making it an unreliable and irrational weapon in the parade of the Indian Air Force.

India entered into the deal with Russia so as to strengthen India’s armory with the fifth generation stealth fighter and some other technology exchanges but magnified complaints, unacceptable engineering and greasy development of the stealth jet has brought the IAF to conclude the deal though New Delhi and Moscow has finalized a $6 billion bill to jointly develop the FGFA customized to suit the requirements of IAF.


The sketch of the warplane on a white sheet seem to be an easy task compared to welding the different parts of the engine to build one and then get it working as per the specifications put forward by the Indian Air Force. The collaboration with Russia for the Sukhoi /HAL FGFA was considered to suffice to IAF’s future and therefore Defence Minister A. K Anthony had rejected the purchase of the American Fifth Generation F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The Indian scientists had also stated that this collaboration will provide the required push for the development of the all-Indian fifth generation fighter, titled the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA).

However all the above said facts and figures do not seem to be applicable at the moment for the Indian Air Force has withdrawn the MoD with a complaint that the collaboration may not live up to the expected norms put forth at the time of proposal.

Sukhoi is working on T-50 versions one for Russian use and the other for Indian use, the whole plan of the development of the T-50 is solely dependent on India’s investment without which there would not be a T-50 in the picture at all. The Russian version of the T-50 is simpler than the Indian version. The Russian version comprises of the Indian Avionics along with an assorted range of compatible weapons. The Indian model on the other hand is still being sketched on paper. This is not the only cause of the disappointment as reported by Business Standard. The short falls with the FGFA has been observed at different sectors like performance, quality of the materials used, poor engineering of the engines and the technical features.


IAF’s has several reasons to close down the MoD with the Russian FGFA, but the top three reasons as recorded in the minutes of the meeting were as follows:

1) Russians’ reluctance to share the design information with India and Indian Air Force
2) The engines of the fighter AL-41F1 are not as appealing as they just the upgraded versions of Sukhoi’s 30 MKI AL-31’s engines.
3) The exorbitant expenses involved in the project, a whopping $6 billion is what India is shelling out to co-develop the project, which would mean that a large part of IAF capital would remain locked up.

The Russian officials did have their counter arguments where they mentioned that the radar and the Al-41F engine is temporary and they would be developed eventually.

There were more short falls put forward by the IAF like the problems encountered with the quality control, the unpatched wings that may fall apart in cases of stressed maneuvers and the delay in the commencement of the architecture. When all these points are put together, the entire amount of the $6 Billion is relatively huge to pay up.

The reports have just summed up that PAK-FA MoD may be let down by the IAF. New Delhi is now looking forward for the new Rafale fighters from France and better prospects of the Indian Air Force.

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About Nischitha Sharath

  • Prakash

    Wonderful article. But India should seriously start considering in investing in the defence sector, a little more intelligently than blowing up the taxpayers money for warfare; when the internal warfare of citizens trying to make a living is growing more intense than ever before.

  • Kishor

    I think japan is the best option for India..

    • CenterIndependent

      India is also planning to buy 126 new Rafale fighters from France for an eye-watering total price of $18 billion. Scrapping the T-50 could help India pay for the French jets.

  • Ram Sharma

    Russians oligarchs along with corrupt Indian Netajis have been “milking” Hindustan for a long time. Shoddy built third rate equipment, long delays in supplying spare parts and now billions to keep their production lines humming with Indian money. Indians sing about Indo-Russian “friendship” but no one cares to look below the surface, it is all ROT. Regardless of their feeling about America and the West, it may have cost more but Indians always received their orders “on time” and quality was more than acceptable.

  • J N

    As per structural, axis, data analysis,, PAK FA is not great fighter, except upgraded radar n engines,, same advanced electronics n engines can be installed in Su 30MKI,, it will be 5th fighter then. but keeping all things in their basket is not good idea, instead better to allow local private firms to enter into defense field 100% ,, then only country will develop,,These govt firms with their incompetent employees will never be able to make single fighter.

  • sharky

    Biased article PAK-FA is in testing stage problems will occur everyone has seen how US stealth JSF F-35 has fared its already 20 years old and still not completed , By 2020 PAK-FA will be ready and India will find the project well worth

    • Duke

      F-35 development started in 2001 tell me when India’s LCA started? Hint: 1990 :p and still in development stage 😀

    • Hodor

      PAK-FA has aerodynamic issues, the proyect is almost scratched,it is over.

      • W.3


  • Citizen Zero

    Pure propaganda article with zero true in it .. where is the sourse of so clamed bullshit you write there?

    • Cody3/75

      The only “propaganda” is pepetrated by the army of Kremlin internet trolls. This story has been reported by a million different sources. Open your eyes. It’s no secret that the Indians aren’t very impressed by 4th gen technology in a 5th gen package.

    • Hodor

      You mad bro? Mad because F-22 and F-35 are operational and the PAK-FA is sucking and being rejected by the Indians as a failure?

  • GenJackRipper

    You guys should opt for the JAS 39 Gripen. Reliable and very efficient. The amount of technical knowledge at SAAB is enormous.

    • Neo Nite

      Very true but India will then have to contend with US and the UK in case of any sanctions etc in future and also I think the key word in the article is ‘fifth gen aircraft’.

  • al len

    The main purpose and role of PAK FA is supposedly an aerodynamically stealth counterpart of F-22/35 , the reason PAK FA has internal bay. Instead ends up a 4.5 generation unstealthy garbage! Who wants a $100Million piece of crap?

    • Sabiha Saeed

      Actually Indian drink a lot of Cow urine and under the halucination they may buy this kind of junk, BY the way they can use same money to provide provide millions of poor hungry Indians living streets …

    • Anand

      especially when buying 70s and 80s vintage raffales and f-16s can bring a lot of kickbacks….. Ok guys it is decided as per news here, Raffales costing three times the SU-30s are already about to be purchased, Of course Americans have suddenly found out they can supply EL-2052 AESA computers to India (that is because India now has the tech developed indigenously) Just wait for the Indian Air Force to certify that the made in India radar is not GOOD ENOUGH and cannot SATISFY REQUIREMENTS, Hope some one goes to court and get a proper investigation done as to what IAF requirements really are?.

  • Andrew Gordon

    Russians are such junk merchants I remember in the 80’s when everyone thought the Russians had all of this advanced weaponry. Like the double cannon tank that turned out to be an old t-34 with a second tube welded on it to fool the satellites which it did. Then there was the propaganda movies like Firefox and the hunt for red October. I would bet on their nuclear arsenal being as defective as their conventional one.

    • Vajrapani

      Out of the 59 Tomahawks fired in Syria, only 23 seem to have hit somewhere around the intended target, where did the 36 other go? Coming to MOAB, US spent $16Million to kill 32 ‘terrorists’ – can anyone verify if they were goats with a couple of shepherds in the mountains please, and compensate $1M to the poor families.