Aero India 2013: Will India Conquer the Show with Latest Armories and Techniques?

aero-india2013_01Aero India is the mega event when metal birds of defence and aviation are all ready to roar on 6th of February. The event will take place in Bangalore, India at the Yelahanka Air Force Station. The Ministry of Defecnce organizes the event at an interval of two years.

India is likely to turn into the third largest defence spender after the United States and China with about $ 80-100 billion worth of possessions in line for next 5 years and the biennial aerospace exhibition, Aero India, is a right tribute to the enlargement in the industry.

The Aero India 2013 aerospace is scheduled to be organized from Feb 6 to Feb 11. It is the 9th edition of Aero India Show that will showcase 53 civil as well as military aircrafts from top-notch makers and suppliers across the world. People, who missed India’s long range ballistic missile AGNI-5 on 26th January 2013 (Republic Day) in New Delhi, can witness it during this air show.

Apart from this long range ballistic missile, the AEW&Cs (Airborne Early Warning and Control Systems) will be one of the major attractions at the Defence Research and Development Organization pavilion. India has started the development of the Rs 6,000-crore AWACS that will have the potentiality to infiltrate longer distances into the rival territory.

The Defence Research and Development Organization will also display a wide range of products from its aerospace, avionics, radars along with other arsenals. Overall, in this Aero India 21 out of the 50-odd DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) labs will be taking part with indoor & outdoor exhibition, static as well as flying exhibitions. At the air-show, Business jets from Bombardier Aerospace will display Challenger 605 with Global 6000 business jets.

With successful aerospace exhibitions held between 1996 and 2011, Aero India has by now has stamped itself worldwide as a premier exhibitors. Below mentioned are the aerospace exhibitions that took place in India.

1996- 1st Edition:

It was the first year when aerospace exhibition got organized in India. It was just the beginning, but the success of event earned worldwide recognition. Since, 1996 the event witnessed an expansion in participating nations.

1998- 2nd Edition:

The 2nd aerospace exhibition started at Bangalore’s Yelahanka Air Force Base and George Fernandez, the former Defence Minister of India inaugurated the event. The event included fly pasts by 3 MiG-23, 3 Jaguars, and 9 HAL Kiran aircrafts, 3 HAL Tejas, Mirage 2000, Hawk 200 and the Sukhoi Su-30MKIs. There was also a sky-diving display performed by 9 sky divers of Akash-Ganga team. The stalls in this exhibition included show by Allied Signal, Boeing, Bell Textron, Aerospatiale, Airbus Industries, British Aerospace, Dassault, ADA, DRDO, HAL, BEL and NAL. There was also a strong presence of France and Russia during the show and their highlights were the comprehensive models of Boeing Commercial Aircraft ranging from Beoing717 to Boeing 777.

2001- 3rd Edition:

The third edition took place on 7 Feb 2001 in Bangalore.

2003-4th Edition:

In the fourth edition, 176 companies from 22 nations participated. Near about fifty delegations from Russia, the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa marked their presence for the show.

2005-5th Edition:

The fifth edition began on 13th Feb 2005 that attracted record 380 attendants from the top industries of the world in civil, aerospace, military aviation and airfield upgrade. During 2005 edition, the IAF (Indian Air Force) and the Indian Navy both displayed their aircrafts. More than 250,000 audiences enjoyed the air India show. The major attractions of the show included MiG-29, Su-30MKI & II-78 Tanker of Russia, C-130J Super Hercules, F-15E and P-3C Orion aircraft of America, the vintage Mirage 2000 & Falcon 2000 of France, the British Jaguar, Hawk 100 and Sea Harriers with many others.

2007- 6th Edition:

The major attractions of 7th edition were the Lockheed-Martin F-16 & Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. The daring air show activities performed by Surya Kiran and Sarang were also the showstopper during the sixth edition. Prior to the sixth edition, one of the helicopters crashed and the co-pilot got killed in the incident.

2009- 7th Edition:

During this edition 289 Indian companies and 303 foreign firms took part. It was one of the biggest international air-shows organized in Bangalore. Armor from a number of countries including Britain, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Israel, Ireland, Norway, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, Romania, South Africa, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine, Netherlands, and United States took part in this event. The country pavilions from Belgium, Australia, Israel, Germany and Romania were also present there. China also took part in the event. In the seventh edition near about 330 companies from about 50 nations abroad and 230 local Indian companies set up the grand exhibition.

2011- 8th Edition:

The 8th edition of Aero India was held in 2011 in Bangalore. The HAL Tejas’s flight display was the main highlight of this event. The five Jaguar aircrafts also performed in a V-formation view whereas the Sukhoi Su-30MKI undertook the show in a trident arrangement. The Saab Gripen Boeing’s F/A-18 Super Hornet & Dassault Rafale also performed rolls, loops, as well as tumbles in the air. This was the last year when Surya Kiran performed their last show. The Czech Republic aerobatic team famous as Red Bull or Flying Bulls also displayed their performance for the first time. In this event the popular Indian Aerospace Companies like HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited), Mahindra Aerospace, National Aerospace Laboratories, TAAL (Taneja Aerospace) and Tata Aerospace also took part.

2013- 9th Edition:

It is just going to be held in Bangalore on 6th of February and we hope that the Indian companies will come up with their latest aircrafts and other aviation products. The Aero India 2013 will terminate on 10th February 2013.

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Aero India 2013: Will India Conquer the Show with Latest Armories and Techniques?
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