Guizhou Soar Eagle

Xianglong-UAV-chengdu-china-02The Guizhou Soar Eagle, popularly known as ‘Soar Dragon’, is a Chinese unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV). Designed by the Chengdu Aircraft Co-operation and constructed by Guizhou Aircraft Industry, its intended purpose it to serve with the People’s Liberation Army Air force(PLAAF). The Soar Dragon was first displayed to the public as a model during the Zuhai Air Show in 2006. As of today, the aircraft is still under development.

On the basis of role, configuration and era, the Soar Dragon is quite similar to the Northrop Grummar RQ-4 Global Hawk of the United States Air force. Like the Global Hawk, it has a bulbous forward fuselage. The Soar Dragon is about the size of a small manned aircraft and has a wingspan of 24.86 m, a height of 5.412 m and a running length of 14.33 m. The Aircraft has a unique diamond-shaped wing structure which improves high altitude flight and increase the lift to drag ratio. Its exclusive architecture includes A single vertical tail fin and tandem wing configuration. Also it will be fitted with sensors for specifying naval vessels aiming by anti ballistic missiles and cruise missiles.

The main source of power behind this massive UAV is the Guizhou WP-13 turbojet engine which is a Chinesa version of the Soviet Tumansky R-13. It has a thrust of about 97000 lbs. The engine in positioned at the anterior end of the aircraft. In terms of performance the Guizhuo Soar Eagle has a cruise speed of about 466 miles per hour, a range of 7000 km, additionally a combat range of 2000 km, a service ceiling of 18000 m and an impressive mission endurance window of up to 10 hours. The HALE UAV has a take off weight of 7500 kg and a mission load of 650 kg.

Though this Chinese plane hasn’t taken off on its maiden flight, the primary functions intended for it are aerial reconnaissance, tracking, engagement of targets, surveillance, damage assessment, intelligence collection and information reply.

Most often Guizhou Soar Dragon is often confused with Chengdu Xianglong ,known as the ‘Soaring Dragon’. Chengdu Xianglong is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) idea or concept. A model of Xianglong was revealed by the Chengdu Aircraft Cooperation at the 2006 Air show in China. Similar to the Soar Dragon, the Xianglong is a high-altitude, long duration UAV and its purpose lies mainly in reconnaissance and surveillance. The intended purpose for the aircraft is restricted to only the Asia and Pacific area.

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Guizhou Soar Eagle
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