Chengdu J-20 Chinese Stealth fighter maiden flight [Video and Pictures]

China’s first stealth fighter J-20, has reportedly made its first test flight, according to Chinese Reports. It was reported that China’s Stealth Fighter, J-20 made a 15-minute flight from 12:50 to 13:05 hrs in southwest China’s Chengdu city.

China has carried out the test flight of its advanced laser-evading stealth fighter J-20, according to media reports, perfectly timing the event to coincide with the visit of U.S Defense Secretary Robert Gates to the country.

The J-20 stealth fighter is proof to China’s rapid advancement in military aviation technology, however the timing of the test flight appears to have an hidden message towards U.S.

Chinese media have projected the J-20 as a massive competitor to the United States’ F-22 Raptor. Japanese newspaper Ashai Shimbun said last week the fighter will be equipped with large missiles and could reach island of Guam, a US territory in the western pacific with the aerial refueling.

The J-20 is a twin-engine multi-role heavy fighter with stealth capability and maneuverability as compared to American F-22 RAPTOR. J-20 also incoporates an advanced FBW(fly by wire) system fully integrated with the fire-control and the engine systems. Its fire-control radar is expected to be AESA (Type 1475/KLJ5).

Chinese media said, photographs of the twin-engine plane making its first flight were splashed over Chinese websites. The videos of the fighter doing runway tests had been leaked out last week and numerous photographs of this stealth aircraft are already available on the internet.The J-20 prototype was first photographed when it was preparing for high-speed taxing trial at the CAC airfield on December 22, 2010.The Wall Street Journal also said nobody from the Chinese military establishment could confirm the report of the J-20’s first flight.

This successful launch of the J-20 will lift China’s air warfare capability and strengthen its defence aviation capabilities as it will bridge a huge gap with the U.S technology. Presently the F-22 Raptor is the only fully operational stealth fighter in the world.

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  • abhishe nakashe

    nice one!! lets see how much time T – 50 would take. dont u guys think that although rear of the bird looks rough n unstealthy, atleast front portion with considerable reduction in RCS would give this bird an edge?

    • ho ho

      Don't forget the canards they may look cool but are a big NO NO to the radar evading philosophy lmao

      • abhishek nakashe

        yeah but if canards are not in use n kept stable then it could evade radar!!

      • chinese

        Do not they know the problem ?Chinese engineers have solved the problem?

  • max

    The video looks genuine and the Chinese have indeed succeded in develeoping their own stealthy fighter jet. Well only time will tell if its a good match for the F-22 Raptor or the T-50 but as of now China should be contented with the fact that they have their own stealth aircraft.

    • abhishek nakashe

      yeah atleast something is better than nothing

  • Locke

    Clearly the J-20 is not as advanced as the USAF F-22. However, it also looks much more affordable and easy-to-produce. If China can field 2000 of these fighters it can easily overwhelm any expeditionary F-22 force by shear number…
    Combined with anti-carrier and anti-AWACS missiles, China could very well win a limited conflict.

  • FlankerKiller

    Looks like an oversized F-35 with canards, good strategy wait for the americans and make a chinise copy (like they do with cellphones, computers, and everything else)… i am surprised that the plane actualy flies, I have a strong feeling that it is using russian engines
    what is the radar cross section half a mile,

  • atwoik

    RCS is half of the F-22. i.e. the F-22 RCS is 1 mile.

  • Steiner

    J-20 is still in development.

    It looks and is heavier than the F-22. But more payload and fuel.

    I don't think the Chinese have all the advanced components needed to build such an advanced aircraft. So they have to rely on imports. They may not have the cost advantage they maintain in many of its products (both civilian and military).

    But let's face it, the Americans have a lot of experience in air-warfare. China is kind of like a large police state with little or no experience in real war. It's war with India during the early 60s was the only real war they fought. And they did win, but not at a cheap price.

    • chinese

      Do not forget the Korean War?
      Participated in World War II ace pilot was shot down

  • chaz

    I've watched the videos of Chinese J-20, I'm convinced that it is no match to America's F-22 Raptor. Look at the J-20 rear engines, they're round and fixed. The engine exhausts cannot be moved up & down for sharp up & down turns. The F-22 can make very sharp turns, even it can "stay" in the same position (in the air) for a few seconds, etc.

    Also, I know that our F-22's radar is far more superior and technologically advanced. The F-22 is designed to fight against five or more enemy aircrafts at the same time.

  • Dave J.

    The J-20 project, just like the F-22 project in the States is top secret. Therefore nationalistic (xenophobic?) bluff n' bluster aside, none of you really know because no data are released (or at least any data officially released by either side must be considered suspect). Nor do I know …. and the PLA certainly has no incentive to do other than keep us all guessing. But personally I wish the Chinese well. nothing is perfect and deserve the position they are moving into now in the world.

  • Yoron

    Depends on what more Radar technology they bought from Sweden actually 🙂

    We made the first truly stealthy digital datalink, and a superior firesystem and linking together of several aircrafts. We had it when we made the ‘Draken’ actually 🙂 Then went into NATO, more or less and sufddenly we had to downgrade our system to ‘fit in’. The American answer to it, and Natos I presume, is Link16 of which there are several versions if I remember right. I haven’t really beenfollowing the debate lately but here is what I wrote some year ago.

    As for comparing LINK16 and our Swedish Datalink?

    Nah. According to what I’ve heard link16 will be largely worthless helping defending Sweden. Our Swedish Data-link updates every second (or faster:), as compared to Link16 (every twelfth second) This makes it possible for us to fly ‘radar silent’ and even shoot its missiles from it without any own radar. And the data-link is able to steer you in, in every detail (close control) through its data commands. Which means that Gripen will be very operational even with its radio totally jammed.

    The Gripen’s datalink offers enormous flexibility. For example, in the air to surface role one aircraft “package” can attack a target, obtain a radar picture of the the target area and realy it to the cockpits of the next wave of attackers. Those aircraft would receive an accurate image of the target area, allowing them to know which targets have already been attacked. Furthermore this information can be relayed back to the StriC for decisions based on the actual situation.

    In the air to air role it is possible for one Gripen to transmit its radar picture of an airborn target to the radar screen of another aircraft. The second aircraft can the leave its radar switched off, approach the target and engage it without ever betraying its precense. Weapons launch even can be guided from the first aircrafts radar. Using AEW&C radar, a much larger airpicture can be datalinked to a formation of Gripens, to increase their combat reach.

    The Gripen/datalink combination offers formidable capabilities. The airforce has run air defence exercises deplying just six Gripens to defend half the country. Using the CDL39, three pairs of aircraft flying CAP are able to monitor Sweden’s entire east coast, from the northern edge of the island of Gotland in the Baltic to Ronneby Air Base and beyond, to the souther tip of the country.

    If they got something like this, they are at least up to pair with anything the west have, and if they got what we have now? Development never stops, you know. Probably we wouldn’t export it but as we changed course due to the infinite wisdom of our top politicians and military geniuses? Well, it’s not the system we use in Nato, is it?

    If they have it it’s bad news for anyone trying them on.

  • Richard

    Don't under-estimate the Chinese, less than 10 years ago, they had hardly any superfast train to speak off, but since December last year, they had successful built their own world best, and the fastest train in the world, by putting Wuhan and Guongzou 1090 mile rail-line in operation, cutting a normal 10.5 hrs journey to just 3 hrs, averaging 389 klm an hour. You can say what you like about their J20 stealth fighter right now, you might have to eat your own words in the end. As the saying goes, " The one who laughs last, will always laugh the loudest ! ".

  • Guest!!

    Its not how advanced the tech is, but how you use it. Sheer will and determination can go a long way.

  • Percy Jackson

    The J-20 will be obsolete by the time it enters service