Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II in trouble

Problems in the development of F-35 stealth fighter have raised fresh questions from Canada and many other countries. Technical glitches, high cost per unit and postponed production continue to cause problem for fighter program which is a joint venture between the United States and many countries including Canada Israel and Australia.

Recent software problem with fuel pump grounded all the 13 test units for some time. Norway pushed the year of purchase from 2016 to 2018 and there are uncertainties regarding the program in the Netherland’s coalition government. Delay in the European F-35 will effect economies in large scale and hence cost of each F-35 unit will increase.

Defence Minister of Canada Peter MacKay said the accounting problem is a “technical issue” between the Pentagon and Lockheed Martin.

“We welcome the diligence, in fact, that is being exercised on the project. All the allies, including Canada, will benefit from this type of strong oversight’, he said.

“It’s not expected to have any impact on the cost for Canada, nor the delivered schedule of the 65 F-35 aircraft,” he said.

Concerns about the F-35’s performance have resulted partially from reports of simulations by RAND Corporation in which numerous Russian Sukhoi fighters defeat a handful of F-35s by denying tanker refueling. As a result of these media reports, then Australian defence minister Joel Fitzgibbon requested a formal briefing from the Australian Department of Defence  on the simulation. This briefing stated that the reports of the simulation were inaccurate and that it did not compare the F-35’s performance against that of other aircraft.

Lockheed Martin and the United States will fight hard to keep the F-35 program keep running. And these few glitches are not a major drawback and can be solved in the near future.

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  • marek1712

    I don't want to be arrogant but whenever Lockheed Martin starts a new project it's always way overpriced. Someone has to change their cost calculation model. Via http://uk.reuters.com/article/idUKN05234840201010

  • JoGi

    Nice! I wonder if these countries who invested so much in this High Intensified Investment of that F35 Lightnig 2 Fighter Jet will Or will not bring any fruitions…

    • defenceaviation

      It's proposed to be introduced in 2014. Got to wait and see it will be fruitful

  • defenceaviation

    Chen Hu, editor-in-chief of World Military Affairs magazine has said that the F-35 is too costly because it attempts to provide the capabilities needed for all three American services in a common airframe. Dutch news program NOVA show interviewed US defense specialist Winslow T. Wheeler and aircraft designer Pierre Sprey who called the F-35 "heavy and sluggish" as well as having a "pitifully small load for all that money", and went on to criticize the value for money of the stealth measures as well as lacking fire safety measures. His final conclusion was that any air force would be better off maintaining its fleets of F-16s and F/A-18s compared to buying into the F-35 program.