Saras crashed near Bangalore

A Saras prototype, an Indian indigenous multi-role transport aircraft, which was on a test flight, crashed near Bidadi, 30 km from Bangalore, on 06/03/09 killing three Indian Air Force officers. It turned abruptly and started losing height, after a couple of somersaults in mid-air, it crashed. Loud blasts were heard, except the tail-end of the aircraft, everything was burnt. The reason for the crash is yet to be investigated. Aircraft debris, including the propeller and parachute, were found around the area and some partially burnt parts were recovered as much as 500 meters away from the crash site.Pilot Wing Commander K. Praveen, co-pilot Wing Commander D.K. Shah and flight test engineer Squadron Leader S. Ilyaraja were charred to death as the flight burst into flames soon after it crashed in an open field.

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