Su-PAKFA a Russian Stealth Fighter

The Sukhoi PAK FA (or PAK-FA or T-50 ) is a fifth-generation fighter which is being developed by Russia. PAK FA stands for Perspektivnyi Aviatsionnyi Kompleks Frontovoi Aviatsyi  which basically means Advanced Tactical Frontline Fighter.PAK FA is being developed by a consortium of companies spearheaded by Sukhoi OKB. Sukhoi’s internal project codename is known as T-50. The PAK FA is intended to replace the MiG-29 Fulcrum and Su-27 Flanker in the Russian Air Force. It is scheduled to have its first flight in 2009 and enter service with the Russian Air Force subsequently. It is designed to compete with US F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II.

The PAK FA will feature a long combat radius, supersonic cruise speed, low radar cross section, super maneuverability, and the ability to make short takeoffs and landings. In accordance with the technical requirements, the PAK FA will have a normal takeoff weight of 20 tons, which is close to the average normal takeoff weight of the two US stealth airplanes, the F-35 JSF (17.2 tons) and the F-22 Raptor (24 tons). The PAK FA will be created using Stealth technology, and equipped with two AL-41F engines by the Saturn scientific and industrial enterprise, a radar system with an active phased array (to all appearances, it will be produced by the Fazatron-NIIR corporation), and high-precision weapons.

The PAK FA is an intermediate class twin-engined fighter and will be larger than a MiG-29 and smaller than a Su-27. The PAK FA is intended to be about the same size as US F-35 JSF, with a primary air superiority mission and ground attack and reconnaissance being secondary missions.

The government commission decided on 26 April 2002 to choose the Sukhoi holding company as the head company to develop and produce PAK FA . The prototype of the PAK FA would take-off in 2006 and that in 2010 the aircraft would be ready for series production. The first deliveries, both for Russian armed forces and for export, would be possible in 2011-12.

This new stealth aircraft is being proposed to be brought from the concept design to a prototype series in less than 9 years. Historically, fourth and fifth generation fighters have not been created in less than 15 years. The Russian government has promised to allocate 1.5 billion dollars for the PAK FA through 2010. But the Russian Air Force is receiving less than 200 million dollars a year during this period, and will spend it primarily on other needs.

The prices and sources of funding will determine the destiny of the whole program. Presently the officials agree that the program will cost about $1.5 billion. However, $1.5 billion is the sum needed for creating a new generation of avionics for the fighter (considering the fact that pre-production models of the phased array have already been produced, and will soon be tested). Completion of the AL-41F engine (present readiness is 30 percent) will require, in the opinion of the boss of Rosaviakosmos, 600 – 800 million dollars. Saturn said that launching of production of the AL-41F engine would take $150 million. An improved version of the AL-31F will be used on the aircraft originally (though it is not clear how these heavy motors are reconciled with the concept of a 20-ton fighter). The upgrade of these engines will require expenditures of 1.2-1.5 billion dollars. And finally, designers will have to spend several hundred millions of dollars on creating a new airframe.

State financing will cover not more than 20-22 percent of the cost of the development of the PAK FA. It will thus be necessary to draw extra budgetary sources of funding, lending the development program a principle of openness for international cooperation. The plane’s development will be conducted with a view of achieving a reasonable compromise between its cost and combat efficiency, and take into account the market demand.Exports sales of the new warplane must reach 500 to 600 fighters at a price of $35 to $40 million each to make production of the new aircraft profitable.

According to some reports, India and Russia have agreed to jointly develop this fifth-generation fighter, under a scheduled timeframe with entry into service in 2009. This would be the first such joint development venture between the two countries.

There is little chance that Russia will have fifth-generation pursuit planes of its own. Development and construction of a fifth-generation fighter would require about $20 billion dollars, and as of early 2004 it was unlikely that the government will appropriate financing of this scale. “The problem is that economic and military authorities in this country live in parallel spaces and have no common approach to problems,” according to Deputy Director of the analytical department of the Political and Military Analysis Institute Alexander Khramchikhin.

Maiden flight:

On December 8, 2009, Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov announced that the first trials with the fifth-generation aircraft would begin in 2010. The testing, however, has commenced earlier than stated, with the first successful taxiing test taking place on December 24, 2009. The aircraft’s maiden flight took place on 29 January 2010 at KnAAPO’s Komsomolsk-na-Amure Dzemgi Airport; the aircraft was piloted by Sergey Bogdan  and the flight lasted for 47 minutes.

General characteristics

* Crew: 1 (pilot)

* Length: 22.0 m (72 ft 2 in)

* Wingspan: 14.2 m (46 ft 7 in)

* Height: 6.05 m (19 ft 10 in)

* Wing area: 78.8 m² (848 ft²)

* Empty weight: 18,500kg (40,786 lb)

* Loaded weight: 26,000 kg (57,320 lb)

* Useful load: 7,500 kg (16,535 lb)

* Max takeoff weight: 37,000 kg (81,571 lb)

* Powerplant: 2× Saturn-Lyulka AL-41F turbofan

o Dry thrust: 9,800 kgf (21,605 lbf) each

o Thrust with afterburner: 15,500 kgf (34,172 lbf) each


* Maximum speed: Mach 2.5 at altitude (2,527 km/h, 1,586 mph)

* g-limits: +10 to +11 g (+98.1 to +107.9 m/s², +321.7 to +353.9 ft/s²)

* Cruise speed: 1,300 km/h (807.8 mph)

* Ferry range: 4,000 to 5,500 km (2,485 to 3,418 mi)

* Service ceiling 20,000 m (65,617 ft)

* Rate of climb: 350 m/s (68,898 ft/min)

* Wing loading: 470 kg/m² (96.3 lb/ft²)

* Thrust/weight: 0.84 (dry thrust)

* Minimum thrust/weight:

o With afterburner: 1.19

* Runway length requirement: 350 m (1,148 ft)

* Endurance: 3.3 hrs (198 mins)


* Guns:/b 2× 30 mm internal cannon

* Hardpoints:

8 total, 4 on each side of the aircraft


* Radar:BRLS AFAR/AESA radar

* Frequency: 3 mm (0.118 in)

* Diameter: 0.7 m (2 ft 4 in)

* Targets: 32 tracked, 8 engaged

* Range: 400 km (248 mi)

o EPR: 3 m² (32.3 ft²): 160 km (99.4 mi)

o Azimuth: +/-70°, +90/-50°

* Power: 4,000 W

* Weight: 65 to 80 kg (143 to 176 lb)

Sukhoi/HAL FGFA a Indian Stealth Fighter


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  • Anonymous

    Hey larkins,
    PAK_FA isnt just Russian, But Indian too.. You may call it JSF aircraft

  • Larkins

    Yes.. PAKFA is a joint fighter developed by India and Russia. The development i.e techonlogy is Russian and the money is Indian.

    • Niranjan

      Yes you are right, This is not equivalent to Brahmos where India and Russia participated on equal basic. This project will give Indian learning and 5th gen crafts. The Learning will parallely used to develop MCA..

  • Anonymous

    Insane! This so called PAKFA is not a copy…but an exact replica of our F-22!!! If Russian fighters are so much more superior to western fighters, as most anti-American nations agree, then why are they incorporating stealth (US technology), instead of improving their curvaceous 3D vectoring Su-35 or MiG-29? Russian technology these days are nothing more the untested theories rumors. it's not just India financing but China too.

    • innocent

      usa copied the russian technology of puting artificial satelite in orbit

  • Anonymous

    Stealth technology is not american. They robbed it from germany after the war, like so many other things.

    The first flying wing was the
    Horten Ho-X

    and the first stealth plane the Gotha:….

    • rich

      thx for info

  • Raj

    …and the jet engine was a British invention – pinched by the Americans who promised nuclear technology in exchanged then welched on the deal!

    …and radar was invented in Britain and Germany then pinched by America.

    Honestly, don't you guys do anything yourself?

    • just 4 u

      Miraculous British invention…. let's go back to 1910 and see who invented the jet engine.

      • neil

        Guess who brought america into the space age? A Nazi German scientist by the name of Wernher Von Braun. He was the pioneer behind the German V2 rocket that made the allies poop their long johns. He incorporated the technology into the Saturn V program and improved it. Why do you think there was a mad rush between the Americans and Russians to invade Germany in the last days of the war?

        Read up:

        It seems the Americans have always lived on borrowed technology. Its as if the Yanks were born with the right to copy and snatch from others with no one having the right to criticize them. If Chinese or the Ruskies follow suit, you hear about it no end.

  • Anonymous

    until now,american fighters cannot see these "russian stealth fighters" on their radar screen 'coz they are all inside their hangars/factories/labs.
    make 'em airborne over an' let see if they are stealth enuf

    • Jesus Sojourner

      PAKFA is not a stealth Aircraft, it's only meant to look like the F-22 and the F-35. The Russians haven't completely solved the stealth technology yet because they lack the classified material. The PAKFA has however, a low radar signature, which the shape of the aircraft contributes.

  • wingless

    Also the russins see little need in stealth technologies, seeing as that same type of technology functions less than useful in their type of climate.

    What a load of turd! Are you making up as you are going along? Stealth has been tested everywhere, from hot deserts to frigid Alaska. We're not talking about wheels tracks here, but a means of absorbing or otherwise lessening radar IR detection.BR/BR/Russians do like and want Stealth, that's why they spent multi-millions, if not billions on their failed Plasma Stealth, a very odd expenditure considering the Americans had already refined a far superior, far lighter means of achieving Stealth. HECK, even if Plasma Stealth worked, one has to wonder – wouldn't the Russian Pilot's radar be as useless as his adversaries? The whole Plasma Stealth thing makes no sense (why seek a powered, heavy, unproven method when an unpowered, light and proven method exists)

    Also, if one were to argue that point, the russians have for a long time, been developing technology to counter steatlth technology. Which they claim they have done.

    Right, they also claimed they'd be flying the PakFA in 2007…

    Sir, Russia had it's hayday but it's now over… Alas, they have fallen behind and considering current situation and issues, they are not in a position to both catchup and overtake the Americans.

    If you are going to argue otherwise please, be pragmatic and consider economics (advantage:USA), academics (advantage:USA, even if not produced domestically, American companies can afford to put the best Russians on their payroll), technology (advantage:USA, they have been working with Stealth since the 70s, they currently run the F22, far ahead of anything on the market), record of reliability (Russian planes never faired well against the American designs, look at the wars of the past 60 years, Russian equipment became wrecks in the vast majority of conflicts) AND OF COURSE customization factors (look at the F16, it's been upgraded and retrofitted to the max and with ease!)

    • ECG

      Oh yea, how about Indian Mig-21 downing Pakistani Airforce Starfighters and F-86 Sabre and in return due to so much air losses for the Pakistani they gave up land and that is why Bangladesh was born!!!!. Vietnam war in which a country which has no more than 200 fighters stand against the mighty US Airforce. MiG-17 and MiG-21 downing A-4, F-4 and even B-52, yes it's true that Russian aircraft did not fare well against U.S piloted as well as against Israeli aircraft merely because of the pilot's skills that were involved (mostly Arabs). I believe the real competition will be Russian pilots vs. American Pilots, lets say MiG-29 vs F-16 and Su-27 vs F-15. I believe that the outcome will be different and I can see both F-15 and F-16 disengaging and going back to base and don't care to fly anymore…… ha ha ha ha ha……

    • RAD Worker

      LOL……..LOL…….LOL USA economic advantages, LOL LMAO. I cant stop Laughing, LOL USA Economic Advantage, Please, LOL

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    "2. Stealth is NOT a US-Technology! Its a GERMAN Technology,…"


    Read Skunk Works ( and you'll realize that Stealth was developed (as it is used in the US) by Americans utilizing math formulas from a Soviet mathematician. The Soviets didn't think it was worth anything and let it slide by.

  • Moses

    Just remember all the expenditures in military needs in one year is enough to supply the UN's food program for 300 years.
    Does it make you feel match o to have these parasites ruining the world.

    If so then we're no better then the people we we're before any of this.=We've lost control of our real wants and desires.

    When the children cry, let them know why.
    When the children sing then the new world begins.

    • Elijah

      Though you sound nobel enough,when the children are hacked to death with machettes the UN stands by and does nothing. When Israel was attacked by Hezbolah from Lebanon,the UN protected them. The UN is the biggest joke in world history. Money makes the world go round and money is the reason wars are fought.The Global Warming LIE is another excuse to sieze power in poor areas of the world. Its ALL about money.Read the Global Warming Copenhagen bill. Money Money Money.

  • DarkBolt

    Well folks- I have seen ONE Russian stealth fighter, and it looks exactly like the F-22, with only a couple if differences that a novice may not notice. And also, I agree that this Russian version will be cheaper, they can copy the design, but they cannot copy the avionics and the engines, and the very sophisticated computer and guidance systems. For every 20 Russian fighters there is ONE F-22 that will take them out. The F-22's radar range is far greater than any fighter aircraft of our day, including the F-35. Although the Russian counterpart is stealth, I am betting a Raptor will still detect it and fire a missile and turn away before the "incredible Russian stealth plane" even knows it has been locked on. Boom. Contest over.

  • I want to note that the images are similar to the F-22 is only a speculative image of the fuselage, you can see it here:
    As for the radar, engines, computer is your opinion, no one has yet seen the engine, radar and onboard computer PAK-FA. But to really find out what best can only be in real combat. Sorry my bad english.

  • kanishaka

    pls. send me some information about the stealth technology
    & its concept

  • Russian

    American's Army is not very strong. Of course, your technologies is very nice, but Russia make something nice soon… And this would be the end of your ?????????! =)
    And of course we the best country on the Earth. Because i printing it from Russia and I don't afraid yours peacekeepers =))))

  • Acia

    One important thing to notice is that russian tehcology that has been exported usually are three generations behind what russian have. Get the impression that they do this to keep US happy. After the Georgian conflict they threatened to sell to the middle east just one generation old weapons systems that created almost a panic.

    Don't think you can really compare US and russian technology one on one, they are made with different doctrines in mind and i think they are both really good if you use them according to those doctrines.

  • Anon

    Let's all get along now like one big happy planet 🙂

  • anon

    PAK-FA T-50's first flight occured on the 29th of January 2010. None of the pictures are accurate or current. The T-50 'Firefox' appears to be largely stolen US technology, a bastardized F-22/YF-23/Su-27. The plane undeniably has stolen US features and is barely a Russian design at all.

    • yoswa

      anon don't seat and think no other nation in this small planet earth can counter the USA, due to budget, everything made in west is very expensive, but not very effective that is why no one in west knew that economic crisis is going to happen beside having the most advanced economic tracking system in the world and no one knew that china will beat the west sooner from recovering from economic crisis, remember the cost of first USA atom bomb against the USSR first atom bombs, and why USA space vehicles have the best astronauts killing records than the Russians, the time has changed, USA is a nation with the highest budget deficit on earth, such that it cant allocate enough funds for many research but china can do, and north korea has developed nuclear wepons or as you say it has stolen American techonology

  • Jerry

    Unless there is some hidden electronic stealth tech on this plane i can see potential problems with it when looking at the photographs. Look at the air intakes. They are huge and not hidden at all. It may fly great, but it won't be nearly as stealthy as the US designs.

  • AnoToo

    Right – like the way you win bigtime in Afganisan… Yawn

  • dasaaa

    it is fucking russian crap and it like iran steath fighter both are crap…

  • myth

    advanced weapons systems, million dollar, planes and state of the art technology…proved simply one thing…….with all those resources Afghan tribesmen still whooped your butts…..

  • godzillajet

    What anonymous said is more than wrong its very very wrong because the only categories in which the PAK-FA will be superior are manoeverability, weaponry and range but in an air battle of today manoeverability is not so important . The f-22 has got superior stealth(IR and radar stealth), avionics, electronics, defense, speeds will be the same.

    PS: The true top speed of the f-22 is still classified , so it might be possible that the f-22 is much faster , some people say it can fly mach 2.8 !

  • godzillajet

    Even with 3D thrust vectoring the pak-fa wont escape the f-22s aim-9x easily . Its the fastest and most maneuverable short range missile, before the russian r-73 was best . The same same is considered for the aim-120 d in medium range

  • anonim g

    you paizanos all vrong nobody can win this war and no suvavors after shotout,dont be smart like like deak.alien comin to distroy your texnologe in one3 second and no more your fucken by life for all stupid professors and big mouse. sey yyyp! and pizdets.

  • robert

    I'm starting to get sick of the who is better crap.I live in the USA,I'm a citizen but I love Russian weapon systems. They may not have all the glitter that our stuff has but its still killer. The USA has great weapon systems too the main difference between the two powers in the weapons systems is who the intend to battle and how much cash they have to spend, and how to work with that cash you do have to achieve your goals. The Russians went mostly for cheap, effective and numbers. The USA went expensive, ultra effective, but smaller numbers trying to achieve a more higher kill ratio to offset numbers. Numbers in this day and age isn’t going to cut it any more so now all the major players are trying to step their game up and much like playstation vs xbox its about who comes out first.

  • robert

    By the USA already having a 5th gen fighter out and deployed everyone is rushing to get their own to keep pace however by the time they get their the USA will already be ahead of the game. Even if the current Russian planes in development make the raptor like more like a garden snake, they won't have any in the field any time soon to make a difference following peacetime protocol. Anyway my thoughts about this is simple, the Russians have earned MAD respect for what they did in WW2.The USA did its part and at the end we partied with our Russian allies until we passed out. We need to realize that those days can happen again and like anything in this world its about business and making money. We both the USA and Russia could be living like fat rats in a cheese factory if we set aside the Busywork together just like forming a mega corporation and just running the world almost as we see fit because we are the two top players. For real even rival gangs sometimes do it. Why fight when we can join up and run it all. When I look at us and them I don’t see enemies, I see the most powerful allies that can shape the world. We need to stop the Bull and bang the sheep, run the world like two pimps.World better have our money!!

  • hasegawa

    With pasive radar the complete Stealth technology is from yesterday. Every kind of stealth technology…