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Su-PAKFA gets a new paint job

Aircraft spotters outside Zhukovshy airbase spotted something very stunning, the new paint scheme of Su-PAKFA aka T-50. Usually, the Russian stealth fighter prototypes are painted with boring grey scheme. This time the spotters were treated with dual-tone teal green and black commonly seen on Russian Air Force Aircraft, the combination leans closer towards blue which is perfect over Russian skies.

Aviationist David Cenciotti remarked the new colour scheme on the T-50 as the Shark Camouflage, calling it stunning and remarked that the White Tip Longimanus shark found typically in the Red Sea inspired the scheme. T-50 seen from a distance looks like a rhomboidal shaped aircraft and appears smaller than the actual aircraft.

I usually find Russian Aircraft camouflage scheme very interesting and beautiful. I would love to hear your thoughts on the new paint job.

Source: FalcrumX


Source: michaeldec

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  • LatrunculusRex

    That is one sexy bird. Love that paint job … love that plane.

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