New Photos of USAF RQ-170 Sentinel released

Well we have heard quite a lot about the stealthy aircraft that was used in Afghanistan by USAF called  “Beast of Kandahar” (RQ 170 Sentinel) . We now also have the latest images of this unmanned drone constructed by Lockheed Martin . The USAF also have confirmed  that the RQ-170 Sentinel is in development, and is expected to provide reconnaissance and surveillance support to forward-deployed combat forces.

The new series of images that have been leaked onto  the internet offers the clearest view of the RQ-170’s nose till date. It shows the inlet shape of the RQ 170 Sentinel as an isosceles trapezoid. The basic shape is common for such a flying-wing, stealthy aircraft. It looks quite similar to the the inlet aperture of the MiG Skat . However  it differs greatly from the inverted-W shaping of the Boeing Phantom Ray and Northrop Grumman X-47B.  This looks like a further development of the air inlet from the B2 Bomber and simlar to what Boeing rolled out with the Phantom Ray.

The name “Beast of Kandahar”  was given to RQ-170 Sentinel  after its 2007 pictures were released which showed the aircraft in action in Afghanistan. The pictures gave the description of an aircraft that resembles a drone that has the ability to cheat radar and also the shape which resembles that of a stealth aircraft. The main purpose of the drone was to provide aerial and strategic information to the ground army battling in Afghanistan. “RQ” represents that the aircraft is unmanned and is different from other aircrafts named with “MQ” which are loaded with laser guided weapons.

The presence of such a stealthy aircraft in the region had raised few questions as to why  U.S was using such technology in a warzone where there were no  radar systems available to militants. This has pointed towards the possible use of the drones over Iran and Pakistan. According to reports, the U.S. air force had targeted many terrorists in Pakistan with the help of Predators and Reaper drones.

Iran claims to have captured a RQ-170 Sentinel

Iran displays captured US RQ-170 Sentinel

Taiwan’s Lost Decade
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  • Mark Grissom

    So much for it's radar avoiding capabilities. Iran just shot one down (4DEC11) in eastern Iran and claimed it's remains. Allegedly it ventured into Iranian airspace so they shot it down. Now they have the wreckage of one of our most advanced unmanned aircraft systems. They are pretty good at reverse engineering and will likely tear it apart and get to the technology within. Oops. Maybe we should have considered a higher altitude UAS to do the job. Two steps forward and one step back.

    • bob

      we need to send one more over to be shot down only install a couple of davy crockett rounds with remote detonators set for one hour.

    • Pierre

      Count in a nice sum of cash from the Russians and Chinese for the technology. Iran will make out well in this deal.

    • Don

      Except if you look at the picture Iran is sending out it's an obvious fabrication. Based on the pictures website of actual RQ-170 in flight, the angle is all wrong. The picture of the actual RQ look like a boomerang, with close to a 90 degree sweep between the wings. It has a single, central engine in the back and altogether looks like a delta shape with a piece missing. The thing being shown by IRAN has hardly any sweep at all, no central engine and looks more like someones idea of what a B-2 would look like if they hadn't actually seen one.

  • I can’t believe that American army lost this technology such easy way, Iran will made a copy of that soon, but why the American army didn’t destroy RQ170 themselves?

    • Clearer Heads

      They Army didn't lose it, the Air force did. Why they didn't destroy it? If you think a drone crashing onto Iranian soil is an diplomatic nightmare, imagine dropping a bomb on it. That would clearly be an act of war with a bunch of fanatics.

      • Stan Jzebsvesky

        They didn't loose it…. It was hacked!

  • Man of U.S.

    The RQ-170 is 4 years old (2007) and size wise is based on the Horten Gotha Go 229 (1944), the technology is not that new. Its our quality that stands out. They may reverse engineer all they like,but they shall never match our quality.

    • USA Patriot

      Says who? Some internet forum blogger on some fucking forum??? Shut up you havent even been to Iran in your entire life. You base your comments on things like word on the street, common slang, good lord i thought that immaturity was gone, i guess its still rampant here in this failing USA

  • It should be SOP to self destruct once radio contact is lost, which the Air Force claims is what happened. It’ll be in the hands of the Chinese very soon, sloppy work!

  • pablo

    Is the army smart enough to let them shoot down a decoy?

    • clatu

      iran has in its possession an obsolete drone . all data /tecnology is 20 years behind what is really doing a spy mission . .. a vehicle that will not be seen by the public or by iranian defence. .except in the form of an illusion, not capable of being detected , much less understood.

  • ExBirdman

    As Man of the U.S. says, it's old. Looking at the leading edge and the exhaust, it was not very "stealthy" when it was new, probably by intent incase of an incident such as the one in Iran that just occurred.

  • do not understand the purpose of Iran, all of them as part of a scenario

  • LastLaugh

    Know what….. This "lost drone" is actually a ruse (deception) by the US Government to trick Iranian (and more importantly, Chinese and perhaps Russian) intelligence into believing they have finally gotten their hands on our latest drone technology. What they don't know is that what they got (actually were purposefully given) is an obsolete version of the technology which, if they clone and use it, our current advanced countermeasures will actually be aided and assisted by their very act of doing so.

  • unknown

    The fact is that America failed.
    The aircraft was not sold to Russia and China and Iran could use reverse engineering and Recently pulled out a 80-megapixel camera.
    Obama is insane because he recent letter to Iran about the Strait of Hormuz shows the effectiveness of the country's military might!!!.
    Iran has shrugged off America's request for the return of its spy drone and instead demanded an apology.

  • tip

    The system never would have been hack if the utterly stupid defense companies weren't so intent on hiring stupid arabs to work on American systems anyway. In their 'tolerance' initiative, the damed defense companies like Northrop and Lockheed keep hiring the Farmazi's and Chinese and just handing over secret and TS information so they know and sell the information to their countries.


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