Comparing Light Combat Aircraft with Gripen, JF-17 and F-CK-1 Ching-kuo

India’s much awaited supersonic fighter jet, Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas  is country’s second indigenous built light combat aircraft and its induction has highlighted India’s defence aviation and self sufficiency capabilities to the world. We have to wait and watch if LCA TEJAS matches other multirole fighters like Gripen, JF-17  and F-CK-1. So lets go ahead and compare the features of LCA TEJAS with the rest.

Lets start with the LCA TEJAS which is a single-seat, single-engine, lightweight, high-agility supersonic fighter aircraft. The LCA TEJAS can speed upto Mach 1.4 and is capable of carrying assorted weapon load along with dropping tanks up to four tons. It has some of the latest avionics and digital flight control systems. The Tejas, presently is powered by American General Electric Engine. The HAL TEJAS is designed with a single vertical fin  with no tailplanes or foreplanes and has a delta wing configuration.


The HAL TEJAS  integrates modern design concepts and state-of-art technologies such as fly-by-wire Flight Control System, Advanced Digital Cockpit, Multi-Mode Radar, Integrated Digital Avionics System and a Flat Rated Engine.Other salient  features of TEJAS include short takeoff and landing, excellent flight performance, safety, reliability and maintainability.

The aircraft is also fitted with a night vision compatible glass cockpit with Martin Baker (UK) zero-zero ejection seats. The aircraft’s electronic warfare suite, developed by the Advanced Systems Integration and Evaluation Organisation (ASIEO) of Bangalore, includes a radar warning receiver and jammer, laser warner, missile approach warner, and chaff and flare dispenser. The LCA’s design has been configured to match the demands of modern combat scenario such as speed, acceleration, maneuverability and agility.


The next aicraft we will be talking about is Gripen which is a lightweight single engine multirole fighter aircraft manufactured by the Swedish aerospace company Saab.The new Gripen NG  (Next Generation) will have many new parts and will be powered by the General Electric F414G, a development of the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet’s engine. As compared to LCA TEJAS , the Gripen will have a supercruise speed of Mach 1.1. The combination of delta wing and canards gives the Gripen significantly better takeoff , landing performance and flying characteristics. It also has a built-in electronic warfare unit, making it possible to load more ordnance onto the aircraft without losing self defence capabilities.

The Gripen uses the modern PS-05/A pulse-doppler X-band radar, developed by Ericsson and GEC-Marconi. The radar is capable of detecting, locating, identifying and automatically tracking multiple targets in the upper and lower spheres, on the ground and sea or in the air, in all weather conditions.One interesting feature is the Gripen’s ability to take off and land on public roads, which was part of Sweden’s war defence strategy.

Jf-17 Thunder

Next , we will talk about is JF-17 Thunder, also known as Chengdu FC-1. It is a single-engine, light-weight multi-role combat aircraft developed jointly by the Chengdu Aircraft Industries Corporation (CAC) of China, the Pakistan Air Force and the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC).

The JF-17 airframe is of semi-monocoque structure and its airframe is designed for a service life of 4,000 flight hours, or 25 years.The aircraft has a composite flight control system (FCS), comprising conventional controls with stability augmentation in the yaw and roll axis and a digital fly-by-wire (FBW) system in the pitch axis. The JF-17 is powered by a single Russian Klimov RD-93 turbofan engine, which is a variant of the RD-33 engine used on the Mig-29 fighter.JF-17 can be armed with up to 3,629 kg (8,000 lb) of air-to-air and air-to-ground ordnance.

F-CK-1 Ching-kuo

Finally let us talk about F-CK-1 Ching-kuo, commonly known as the Indigenous Defence Fighter (IDF). The IDF jet fighter project was designed and built by the Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) based in Taichung, Taiwan, with assistance from American defense corporations.

The IDF is equipped with a GD-53 Golden Dragon multi-mode monopulse Pulse-Doppler radar, which is based on the General Electric AN/APG-67 X band. The radar can simultaneously track 10 targets and engage two of the 10 targets tracked with TC-2 active radar seeker BVRAAMs. After the F-CK-1 Ching-kuo basic variant was finalized, the next step involved an upgrade with systems improvement, new technologies, and adjustments of material and weight.

It would be interesting to see how the LCA Tejas will compete with these three aircrafts over a period of time. The induction of LCA Tejas into the IAF has launched India into an exclusive club of nations that include the US, Russia, France and Britain that can produce combat aircrafts. Do you think LCA Tejas is a better match than GRIPEN , JF-17 or F-CK-1 Ching-kuo? Let us know in the comments.

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  • iiaa

    LCA is a international joke! India only can buy Combat Aircraft from russia by super high cost. As a poor country, india government should spend limited money on their people's life.

    • Sid

      India is not poot anymore, all these multinationals corps flocking to India not to help poor but do business with India.. wake up from sombre sleep and realize whats happening outside you country

    • Indian

      what do u mean by international joke? which part of the world do u live in.. what u think india is poor? do u atleast know what india has in its power how many fighter jets and planes we have in our country? if other countries will come and destroy us then people like u will be questening why didn't we had army or more fighter jets… just read all the facts then comment on this .. u know i feel pity on your thinking bro..

    • madhan

      people like u r most innocent in the world,just i tell u abt INDIA having its third largest military in the world,in 2025 INDIA will be the fourth super power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Radhe Shyam

      So what India is a poor country. It is within its rights to defend itself. We dont want you in any of our advisory boards. And please do let me know the international circle where you burst out laughing on jokes about LCA.

    • Indian

      Is pakistan rich , ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, it is not also 1/10 of India , iam not telling it by my side , you can see each countries gross depopsit, India is 4 there and pak may be around 50.

    • aeronautica

      LCA is not a joke……….
      it is being compared to swedens gripen, chinas jf-17, USs f-16

      • KiteKitalla

        Compared to swedens gripen, chinas jf-17, USs f-16? Really. In what respect? All these planes are inducted in forces and can actually fly. LCA is compared in dog fight? Flying endurance or maneuvering? They probably flew paper LCA planes or may be card board ones. It would be nice if you tell that how many of these paper planes were produced and which shop. I have kite shop and I can make you dozens of these LCAs in no time.

    • @ iiaa : I accept wat u said first . yeah!! all our air planes are Russian made except (Dassault Mirage 2000 , SEPECAT Jaguar ) but u see russian mig's nd sukhoi's are rated best compare other planes nd 4th largest nd 3rd strongest not a joke . nd i strongly deny abt ur idea on india ( Poor country ) .. now my mind thinks abt 'Occupy Wall Street' nd World Economic forum hey bro! i think u forget to see today's calendar it is 2012 not 1947 :/

    • hindustani

      u bloody fool ,India though poor is 3 super power in the world.
      India faced 6-7 brutal wars, yet strong

    • Nathan

      Well LCA is a reality….lets dig in a little further. JF-17 though its a JV between pakis and china…there is not a single component in the aircraft designed by pakis…its a full fledged chinese plane licensed to mass produce in pakistan.
      LCA on the other hand except for a few critical components the rest is made by HAL, ADA and numerous other manufacturers across the country and can therefore be called as indegenious.

      LCA may not compare to F16 or Rafalle "TODAY"….yes i agree….the indegeniousness it has created will pave a great way in the years to come….and pakis will still keep depending on cheap unreliable chinese thingies in the years to come.

  • abhishek nakashe

    LCA isnt a joke its a reality.. its late but not too late.. its much more ahead than tin can jf 17.. and those who call india poor should revisit their schools n get acquitted with india…

    • guiter, dave

      it's hard to feed 1.3 billion with 1,382.402 per capita….

  • Hopefully, soon, the fifth generation version of JF-17 would be developed and then JF-17 would be comparable with any modern aircraft in the world.

    • mysteriousshukla

      body by 2013 india will develope its sukhoi pfa stelth fiter and by end of 2016
      its production will start in india itself..
      more about tejas india has orderd 20 ge 414 engine after witch tejas,s speed will be mak 2+
      and if kavery project would succed dy 2015 tejas will have the tope speed of 2.5 makit is far more tha erofighter ,and gripen..
      no contry in the wold ,s history has a program that never faile ..
      wait for two more eyears and you will se the results

      • rohan

        Shuklaji i completely understand what you wish to say but please check the fact.
        Oakis used to call gnats a joke but they proved to be real sabrekillers .
        Now we have lca tejas its speed will be mach2+ and it nice if we compare it to the aircraft china or pak operate .
        While jf-17 will have a top nptch of 1.7 mach with new russian rd33 engine . these engines are completely retired out of IAF as they are unreliable and don't produce thrust enough for a modern day fighter.

        Kaveri is a flopshow frankly speaking and will be able to proveide 90-95 kn though the engine that DRDo is inducting Generalmotors that is better .
        Kaveri engine is good for navy which will highly gain from cheaper and much better indigenous engine.

        Perhaps India may go for AL-31f engine that T-50 will be using to upgrade sukhoi -30mki engine and maybe in amca in case kaveri engine is unable to go further than this.

        And thats a highly possibility as the problem with kaveri is in its designing.

        When inducted in tejas kaveri have the advantage of being smaller and lighter and so will give tejas advantage to carry more fuel .

        Looking forward to that but speed will be around just 2 mach+ . Tejas airframe doesn't seem to be that strong to carry bigengines to go for such speed though amca will be able to fly at 2.4mach+ speed thats what DRDO and iaf has laid the expectation on it.

      • hobbiton

        with f-22's in the skies superiority is sure to follow.

    • Indian

      will it start after 2040 or what.

    • juan

      No offense, but that may be one of the dumbest things ever said anywhere.



      • sachin

        dude its a 4th gen fighter….

    • IndianDefence

      Dude. JF-17 doesn't and isn't gona have a 5th generation config. 5th = Stealth. Besides LCA might be late as opposed to previous estimates.But it is upto date and even ahead in some cases.

      • Khushboo

        Lie. It is much ahead of its schedule. It was originally expected to go into service in 2050. Now they are talking about 2030, a leap of twenty years. Who knows that after next five years, the scheduled entry into service moves to 2029. Keep your hopes, man.

    • Sabyasachi Pradhan

      no, JF-17 will be a 6th gen fighter in near future

    • A.P. Richelieu

      Not to mention the sixth generation version of the Fokker Triplane. That is going to stun the world!

  • Mohit

    Dear iiaa,

    In which world you are living … every country has its own problems & ways to fight them .. such a vast country can't be turned around in couple of years .. don;t forget the rich history of India …

    We Indians are very proud of being Indians and hopeful at the same time for getting out all our problems resolved.

    By the way, which country do you belong to … is it perfect .. I don;t think so .. had it been perfect you would not be writing such an irrelevant and frustrated note…. 🙂 .. seems your JOB is taken by an Indian

    Good Luck & cheers!

    • ali Nasir

      in a poor country like india where more then 70 percent people living below poverty line LCA type projects are nothing but a joke indian govt should spend money 4 there people welfare instead of such useless projects.

      • chandu

        Dear Ali Nasir, If 70% of the people living below povertyline means India should stop all its research and purchase every thing from countries with higher costs? The country is poor or rich our nighbouring countries are making it necessary to pour billion of dollors towards defence budjet. LCA is not a Joke or Useless project but it will save billions of foreign exchange and give employment for atleast some thousands when it produced in full scale. Kindly look at the positive ends.

      • prranjal shrivastav

        it's interesting to see how pakistnais, without the basic skill to manufacture even the sewing needle and an utterly degraded economy-society, can't resist their envy against Indian developments, all the time. it's not just here but everywhere on the internet that pakistanis are usually considered pointless and useless and their comments are never bothered at all by anyone, except for of course some another jobless pakistani.

  • Fred

    Its ironic the article is about comparing this aircraft with other but te author has don nothing of such kind. He should see some other sites to gat an idea of how comparisons are done. eg: or FAS .org. This aircraft LCA has nothing formidable to cope with any of the fighter mentioned except gripen which is same delta but with additional canards. others can be compared with each other.

    the writer seems to be, either at a loss of which is better or simply ignoring that LCA is not upto the standard of any fighter mentioned in article.

    He should have compared with some of the planes iranain are coming up with or italian i think yup definately. As for the indian commentators if one admits that this plane is not upto the mark, well look at some of the upcoming MCA project they might work. LCA is very late and over budgjet and not good looking when you see all these mentioned in article. MCA can be better if a lesson is learnt from this Plane. i eam what is use of making them whem Mirage 2000s or Raphael or Gripen orTyphoon can be procured.

    • indian son

      brother i know that LCA is late and not upto so called international standerd. but one thing I tell you….. that some thing is better then nothing……we Indians do not believe in comparisons………. what we believe in is to make every one walk togather we don't think that any one is inferior or superior to us we think all are equal……..that's why we bow down with our hands folded…… to show our respect to every living being…….which is namaste……..may god bless you……….

  • Dilip

    It's Late but Not Too late ..
    One Day Whole World will see Flying LCA .
    India is not Poor . If India is poor why whole world is behind India for M-MCRA deal it's 50 Bn $ USD Business. and all countries incuding US , France ,UK, Russia is behind India now ..

    • SKN

      They wanted for it for small oprations which NATO forces do because they cannt use F16 , F22 and other to lose them. They just wanted for ground attacks to help out ground forces. Because USA can't put his best jet always in the hands of other countries and partnars of NATO in basic they are also each other enemy of tecnology.

      See their enemy like IndoPak but they don't hart eachother so hardly but Finance. In this people never die lost of person is bigger then tech that must we understand.

  • Hindustani

    Pathatic pakis you never fail to make a comparison you people know where u stand stop living in fake reality.You are shit from India and will always be in that shit.

  • Rizz

    Well sorry to say LCA is a very late project; a nation with 350 million poor living with in its border should get rid of a intuition of being rich;
    besides LCA Arjun the tank is also a well late project. As far as to be proud of being an Indian let me clear you are for 900 years ruled by Muslims, 200 years by British then break up in to many pieces unable to eliminate Pakistan for 6 decades this is all what makes you proud.

    • Indian

      Every country has a history and every country ruled others or ruled but others. If you talk about ruled by other country even America was a colony of British. You need some maturity, before commenting.

      We take pride in saying and doing things. We said "we can build fighter aircraft" and we have built "LCA". No Aircraft or Tank developed world wide is perfect, it comes with its own weekness.
      Don't forget to read that, every tank built world wide had failed in Afganistan and faced new challenges. Indian defence equipments gets tested in all weather conditions before becoming operational, right from low altitude Leh to scoring heat of Rajesthan desert, not like other countries first develop and then redesign after failure in different weather conditions.

    • Not like your war mongering europeans or the barberic persians .we indians are the people of peace and prosperity and we don't conquer any country .that is the reason the europeans and persians come to india to exploit take away the rich resources that we have. There will be a day for us that you all will realize the true potential of indians .

    • jun juna

      Well Pakistan was indeed broken up in 1971 when Pakistan lost its eastern wing and 90000 soldiers under General Niazi surrendered to indian Army Gen Arora.Now what is left of Western Wing,India need not do any thing.Pakistanis themselves are already at work on that.

    • Asif

      Rizz why do you think india wants to eliminate Pakistan , let me assure you that we have no such intentions, it is better we are left alone and not provoked , We are a strong and piece loving country. Pakistan on the other hand is ruled by people who live by the sword and they will sure die by that , Please do not force India to do that.

      Pakistan Rulers have always known that they are inferior to India and they cannot fight and win with a country like India. This is the fact. It is due to this very reason that Pakistan had been practicing state sponsored Terrorism. This very practice have made Pakistan weak and this cancer will kill that country eventually. Islam is also peaceful religion but in Pakistan Islam is today high jacked by your rulers and now the world sees Islam as a terrorist Religion this sadly is the byproduct of your army policy.

      India has the knowledge and the resources to make and buy futuristic weapons and the skill to use it effectively against all enemies of our country.

      You must learn history , for instance take the history of Lahore ) Pakistan) , it has a history of thousands of years. Originally the capital and largest city of the Punjab region, it has since its creation changed hands from Hindu, Buddhist, Greek, Afghan, Muslim, Sikh and British rule to becoming the cultural capital and the heart of modern day Pakistan.

      Before 1857 the relation of the Hindu and Muslim was of brother hood and the only problem the hindu had was the forced conversion policy of Islam. It was the British who was able to divide and break the Hindu Muslim unity and rule. We still are facing the blunt of what the British Raj's devide and rule policy, Which today is unfortunately exploited by some fancy Mullah.

      India is a strong democracy today where in all religion can co exist peacefully. And the world will be a better place if they have the brains to follow what we in India Practice.

      It is in the best Interest of Pakistan to leave us alone and dont make the mistake of provoking India. The People of Pakistan must rein in your own rulers be it the paki army or its mullas and get them to the right path. if not Azrael is what will come to Pakistan.

    • @ Rizz : U have mentioned that 350 million poor people in India nd some thing some thing.. ill say if 350 million people kick ur A** think abt ur condition … B4 commenting anything in public sites mind ur words not all Indian follows Gandhi some still follows 'Subash Chandra Bose ' :/

    • sai

      Look who is speaking……A country who doesn't have the technology of even making a needle for stitching……….Without USA constant monitary help doesnt even have the money for food……Who begs infront of the americans for weapons and after giving uses these pakis as their own slave…..A country who has attacked us so many times before and lost miserably everytime…..We reached upto LAHOR, your capital and u all had to beg for ceasefire from international community……A country in all its previous full frontal attack to india which ended up in their shameful defeat(not only once but 4 times) and after which u all don have the balls to fight from the front are using your terrorism(a shameful way of fighting from ur mothers back)A army incapable of attacking a country directly and using terrorism…A country who even doesnt claim their soldiers body after they are killed and claim they are not PAKIS….What respect u all give to ur MARTIYARS?………….Are u all sixers from ur birth? …..If u can raise a war, atleast claim the people's bodies who faught for ur country….U illeterate idiots first learn ur history…..oh sorry i forgot u all are ILLETERATES..Be a little ashamed if u all have something left in u all…..And u all speak of JEHAD…..Read quran first properly……Killing of innocent people doesnt support even ur religion and if u still don understand better don call urself muslims and spoil the name of ur religion

  • sam

    EVERY COUNTRY TAKES TIME to develop a tech . TEJUS is reallity and very shortly is being inducted too. tejus is a 1st step to world dominence

    • India

      I cant understand my dear countrymen y r we comparing our lca with these aircrafts, as in most of the fourms where i have visited our officials claim that lca will b light years ahead of jf 17 and considered jf 17 to b a 3rd gen aircraft or 3.5 gen at best, then i cant understand this comparision. Now our Air marshals praises in favour of jf 17 and the author who has opened this thread r telling the same story then where will our lca end up

      • smestarz

        LCA is a new plane, as most military men, they do believe in facts of what they see etc, Now they see JF-17 as a threat,
        Tejas is new and most of our military are skeptical about what we develop, But now the facts
        Tejas will not be purchased in 1000's but few hundred,
        Mark 2 is being developed which will have more powerful engine and better capabilities
        Tejas will be air superiority fighter AND NOT THE BACKBONE OF IAF
        The backbone of IAF will be Su-30 MKI, so technically JF-17 will be facing Su-30 MKI
        Most authors do agree that Su-30 MKI is one of the worlds best Multi role aircraft of 4++ generation
        And MKI are better than any other version,

        So IAF will be facing 3rd generation JF-17,
        So, China benefits from designing and making JF-17, cost of development is half paid by pakistan
        China does not induct even a single squadron of plane which some people here call a world beater.

        So china did learn at pakistans expense, and china did earn money and experience at expense of our ignorant and arrogant neighbour.


    JF-17 is a success and mass production has started . JF-17 Block 2 is now in advance stages of development and testing .

    PAF will acquire between 25–350 JF-17 Fighters and these will be enough to support CAS Multirole and Interdiction operations against IAF , IN and IA.
    IAF will take years to integrate LCA Tejas and that means by than JF-17 Block 2 will be making its way into PAF.

    • aaryan

      but i dont think you have any stealth fighter in near future

    • Jun Juna

      It is not the machine but the man behind it,Pak had F16 and Sabre Jets ,the best machines and yet lost the 1971 war.

    • andi

      lca tejas has been intrduced to iaf it will take place of mig -21bis. ur telling that ur made in china crap &bullshit jf or so will be in compettion with iaf ………lolzzz we have su30mki,will have rafale ,t50 pak fa u guyes r way behind

    • Know the reality

      Tejas is indian endogenous Fighter .. while JF-17 is chinese-pak joint which pak has negligible role in development of technology.

      India at this date has indian-russian Sukhoi 30-MKI (do you have anything even comparabe ?)
      Very sure India will have indo-russian Sukhoi PAK-FGFA that is 5th gen highly advanced fighter plane even better than F-22 Raptor (Do you have any thing comparable even in your dreams ??)

      A wise man is who accepts his weakness ..
      Who he never accepts his weak points can never try to make it strong (coz he will always be in misconception that he has no weak point though he has )

      So friend ..
      Try to realise and facts and make your country strong ..
      USA is very hippocrat nation.. they can attack you when they get chance .. like they killed 42 pak soldiers but pak could do nothing ,,
      I was a shock ..
      Realise the fact and make your country strong..

    • gr1

      j 17 is simply a low cost low technology fighter which was developed by keeping the low budjet of paf in mind and fitted with a few new features which makes people like u think it as a super advanced fighter on the other hand both tejas mk1 and upcoming mk2 are fitted with loads of state of the art technologies and really impressing performance which according to me any of your advanced version of jf17 will ever be able to achieve and for the matter of fact the time taken in development of tejas is because iaf wants a highly reliable and advanced fighter for which tejas is undergoing rigorous testing and development which i think consumes a lot of time especially when you are making ur first indegenious advanced fighter and that too with imposition of us sanctions between the project if reliability is considered in the case of ur jf17 than i dont think u have done enough evaluation on it and in less than even a decade they will be called flying coffins which now a days we call mig21s of our airforce

  • As far as i m concerned LCA is far more advanced than JF-17 & IAF is better than PAF & PLAAF. We hv the ability defeate pak & chn bt we r peace loving people. So dnt dare to challenge us…

    • Ronan

      Lt. Somnath(I am guesssing you are self styled), the ability to defeat Pak and China? Don't know what you are smoking…..but sure would like to have some of that……..Even the airforce has questions about LCA. get rid of your false pride, and have some sense of reality. its because of these stupid attitudes that India lost the war in 62…….the hardware you have is old….30 yr old tech.IAF has the right idea of having a future tech incorp. into today……not of yester years. Your politicians will sell their own mothers for false promises and power. guys like you are the reason that india is still stuck in the past.

    • assasin

      what happEnEd in 1965 whEn PAF shOt IAF 1:3???

      • ravi18

        you are forget one thing…..that time pak had better aircrafts than india but after that india had proved its mightiness in 71 and 99 where india had shown its air superiority over paf not by its aircrafts(that time also paf had same type or better aircrafts than India) but for the urge to win……so dn't give the data of past coz past is past see what now going to happen………..

    • Somanath-Breakers

      I am more concerned about you empty skull. Used to have some bhoosa but now completely filled with non-sense. LCA only looks good at the paper, equipped with big claims, day-dreaming laces, and stupid aspirations. It is junk in real world. I am happy that these idiots are busy in day dreaming. Does not cost us any thing.

  • panther

    agreed with adeel
    LCA has been hurrled into production after witnessing the success the JF-17 has got in the international airshows of ZUHAI and FARNBOROUGH…. and to the dear INDIANS, come out of this hysteria of CHINESE CRAP… cze china is advancing by leaps and bounds ,… american markets have already succumbed to the rising china… no wonder you will be waking up some day like americans did and looking for any made in india product in your country… which half of the markets already reflect!!!! enjoy your doom with with AMERICA…. AMERICANS never failed alone… and now its your turn!!!

    • SmestarZ

      I believe you must be from Pakistan, and wonder you saying that when most of the aid that comes to your country is from USA,
      Seems like you certainly are the one that bites the hand that feeds you.
      LCA was not hurled into production, it was tested thoroughly and all the experience was well learnt,
      It is better to fully learn about the plane so that it can be serviced, no fun in having a plane you cannot actually service,
      I do not doubt abt the quality of JF-17, but there are main differences my friend
      A)JF-17 will be backbone of PAF, Tejas is not the backbone of IAF it will be stop gap aircraft to replace ageing Mig21. IAF backbone will be Su-30 MKI, so wake up and compare your JF-17 to Su-30 MKI and that is fair,
      B) Tejas will be an air-superiority fighter, with good manoverability and will be the second line of defence, The first line will be Su-30 MKI

      So well Tejas is much better than JF-17 as it uses new technology, and Tejas is helping indian scientist to develop better aircraft, as this experience counts, Pakistan cannot claim such thing that it was indegenously developed
      Also tejas uses Carbon fibre making plane light weight and also offers some stealth, Tejas can be classified as 4.5 gen aircraft and JF-17 comes in 3rd generation aircraft.
      JF-17 maybe a good aircraft, did you wonder why China is not inducting a single squadron?
      Chinese also want experirience to develop aircraft, and they did so at pakistans cost 🙂

      Well I hope the facts are straight, think about it logically rather than just being bull in china shop (no pun intended)

    • mike brando

      hey u so called panther or rather pet cat do u have any idea what our sukhoi-30 mkis can do to ur so called PAF which itself is an international joke.u pakis are all tail wagging pets of the chinese lets make a point clear,we will disintegrate the so called chinese empire in the next 25 to 30 years and then it will be ur better start developing a real fighter rather than keepin faith on those Jf-17 tin cans.understood buddy?

      • sai

        Not only this pakis first moved from capatilistic countries now to communist countries for help……i wonder whats awaiting next…….Are they going to some aliens next for help after the communists kick them?They themselves are unsure about what they want……..

  • Francisco

    why we purchase engines , fighter Planes from foreign country. I believe that we have good engineers who can design & provide good out put. They are just scattered in different places, there is need to bring them together . They may be from coast guard, navy, miletry or from any private company like bell . I believe we can built far better aeroplanes, Radar that will be useful to our country during emergency.

  • SmestarZ

    Well LCA maybe a joke, but if a plane is designed, and can fly and do all the things that the fighters are expected then well the joke is on you.
    Well maybe you used the word "joke" when comparing to stalwart fighters like F-16 (which pakistan has) F-15, F-18 Mirage etc, It does not compare to these aircraft point by point, These planes are heavier than Tejas, better equipped than Tejas, and and are proven technology.
    But what Tejas has with it is that it is small, and highly maneuverable means that in combat, the chances of its survival are much higher than the above three proven fighters.
    People did make joke abt Folland Gnat which India used but it did give a good account of itself downing the reputed and proven Sabre jets.

    Tejas was designed by Indian scientist, and it flies and carries weapons, You could have called it a joke if it did not fly. Now we have experience of designing planes and make them from top to bottom including the avionics. It is first strep to self reliance,
    And boss, India is not a poor country, what we are worried is that, if we take back our money from countries like switzerland, or USA or other countries, there might be an uncontrolled global meltdown. Switerzland can afford to give tax free just on the basis of interest of the indian money in swiss bank.
    And if india is poor, i dont see the logic of 2 american companies, 3 European and 1 Russian companies trying to win tenders for selling aircraft to India. GET THE FACTS TOGETHER,

    • Jack

      Well..people who have been calling India poor should go and have some lessons in economy….well India has many poor people…but India as a country isn't poor. It is currently the 4th largest economy…and according to Goldman Sachs…by 2020 it will be the second largest economy….behind China. If some Pakistani is commenting on India…it is their birth right…because they could have been a part of it but they choose otherwise. What good has they done to their Independence….except for training militants. As per LCA is concerned, it is politics inside the DRDO with regional lobby that has been an issue. LCA MK-1 may be below par but has been a learning lesson.
      LCA-MK2 would be a much better piece of aircraft….and just wait and see whats in store.

  • Jay Hind

    I think the LCA Will be a great plane once its fully developed – but overall it will depend on the man behind the stick! Its too early to say anything and fancy airshows dont prove any combat compatancy.
    Overall good luck to both JF-17 & LCA fighters.

  • Radhe Shyam

    At the end of the day, I believe comparison on papers should lead us to form opinion about what is best. As far as I know, once LCAs and JF 17 starts their actual services and when pros and cons are listed, then we can do a bit of brow beating. But then, unlike India, Pakistans are not transparent with the results. After all, only Pakistanis manged a cruise missile in 3 months and a nuclear weapon in 2 days. Wonder if all those poverty and bombblasts are just a media facade to stop others from guessing it is the sole superpower left in this world.

  • There will be 92 JF-17s by the end of this year…how many LCA-TEJAS would be in operational service by then?

    • anon

      now u can show a mujra of JF 17 in many countries in one go………thats what it is good at…congrats…:-)

    • andi

      su-30 mki will fuck them down so we r not worried

    • Teja-Buster

      Silly lies don't make it up. Indians need to answer the question posed by jf-17. He is asking how many of these lca mice are running around? The idoits want to see a mujra or boast about the fat cat Russian-made Mig planes. That are stupid answers and a silly attempt to change the focus. BTW, it feels really good to hit in between the two tails of this mig just like penetrating between the two legs. Naughty Indians. Fine, sillies, come on; tell the world how many of these still-born babies named Tejas are in service with IAF. You can include any mock ups too.

  • alimobin

    actually both are good, i m Pakistani that doesn't mean jf17 is better than f22 lolz by the way what im comparing. But nationalist do give favor to own things, truth is both are excellent aircraft's both can fight all 4 gen fighters even they are upgraded with new radars and they are good in all aspects congrats to India and Pakistan!!!

  • Firoz Khan

    LCA Mk-1 has an speed of Mach 1.8 while Mk-2 has top speed of 2 mach. Read Wikipedia and globalsecurity or any credible site. Tejas's Turn rate +9g, Engine,afterburner,hardpoints,weight carrying capacity, avionics all are better than Jf-17. I ask not to believe me. I ask you to go to Wikipedia and see technological specs of both Jf-17 and Tejas and see for yourself. Tejas is far ahead of Jf-17.

    • Rashid

      Without Canard surfaces it is practically imposible for a delta wing aircraft to pull more than 7 Gs….Please correct you record

    • Noor

      Dear Firoz Khan,
      Can you tell us when LCA Mk-1 was inducted in IAF with +9g turn rate. And when did Mk-2 get operational? There is hell of a difference between drawing board specification and test flights. Even more difference between test flights and induction in a professional air force. Indian LCA hasn't evenhave a test flight in full configuration. No safety certificates either. I don't care about the silly claims that Indians make about LCA. It's not worth any thing that flies. JF-17, on the other hand, with whatever turn rate is an actual fighter plane already inducted in PAF.

      • Indian

        Noor , PAF does not have the budget to buy new fighter planes from NATO countries nor are the NATO countries willing , JF 17 was the only resort , even the chinese have not yet inducted JF 17 , they are still in development phase , with an ailing economy PAF only option was to immediately induct and then carry out the testing ,on other Indian economy is not ailing like pakistan , our induction is process is similar to NATO countries where a prototype is launched and then testing is done up to 2500 flight hrs or 10 to 14 yrs from the date of launch and in these meantime all other variants like Naval variant are also tested , PAF lacks resources and funds to upgrade and thats why JF 17 was inducted immediately to show a brave face., this is the reality except it !!!

      • Vilander

        8 LCA are delivered to Indian Airforce they wont make a sqad since each of them have differences, from SP1 that comes next year the sqad is done, these aircrafts are weapons tested, before FOC that means they are battle ready if there is a battle tomorrow they will fly out these 8 crafts. In case of chinese JF-17 this weapons testing happened a few months back,they just inducted the craft into PAF prior to IOC2. Prefessional airforces around the world do not induct aircrafts before IOC2.

      • Mahantesh Policepatil


        Five countries rejected JF-17 when Pakistan tried to export JF-17..
        LCA has a History of 3 decades.. Indian Govt has spent a lot money and our scientists and Engineers worked hard to bring this awesome metal bird.. Read the comments given by “Nawaz Shareef”.. He said JF-17 is not as advanced as LCA..

        Answer this question..
        Why China is not inducting JF-17 in their Air Force..??
        Bcoz china knows that JF-17 is not fit for 21st century Ariel war fare..

        LCA has Isreali Radar, Advanced Avionics, Digital Fly By Wire, Deadly weapons in the form of Air to Air and Air to Ground Attack Missiles, Guided and Unguided Bombs.. It makes LCA More stronger than JF-17..

        LCA has been built with carbon composite
        materials so it has less radar signiture.. JF-17 just has a metal body and easily it can be detected and shot down like a mosquito..

        Pak has inducted JF-17 in a hurry without properly testing JF-17s capabilities.. But India has Tested LCA rigorously to meet all the operational requirements specified by the Indian Air Force..

        The F-16s which PAF operates have been Rejected By the Indian Airforce as F-16s failed to meet the requirements of the Indian Airforce..

        Whatever the weapon systems India Inducts into its armed forces, India first conducts proper tests to check if the weapon system is worthy or not..

        Where as Pakistan does not have enough money to purchase modern weapons and Pakistani pilots lacks in Skills required to fly a modern fighter jet..

        Indian Air Force is a deadly combination of Skilled Pilots with Modern Fighter Jets..

        Jai Hind..

        • waseem

          LCA will remain history.

          • Mahantesh Policepatil

            your JF 17 will remain in Stone Age..
            recently i heard a news that 2 JF-17 crashed..
            ever since LCA started testing not even a single LCA got crashed..
            This is the power of Indian Scientists and Engineers..
            Porkees like you wont understand as you people are global beggers..

          • waseem

            lol. so far only 2 LCA produced. Only 1 JF-17 crashed on training.

          • waseem

            Enjoy this candy. Loosing Combat Aircraft Teja is a dud. a 1970 model, which took 40 years to make. CAG PICKS 53 shortfalls in Tejas Mark1, which fail to meet IAF
            criteria. There is no trainer model, which adversely impacts pilot
            training. For those shortfall, which shows Mark 1 fails to meet the
            electronic warfare capabilities sought by IAF the self-protection jammer
            could not fitted on the aircraft due to space constraints. The radar
            warning receiver/counter measure dispensing system have performance
            issues. Sorting out other shortfalls also increase the weight but
            reduce the internal fuel capacity, non compliance of fuel system
            protection, pilot protection from front, reduce speed, etc. Systems
            such as Kaveri engine, multi-mode radar, radome, multi-functional
            display system and flight control actuator taken up for indigenous
            development could not be developed successfully, resulting LCA’s
            continued dependence on importing foreign components. Since the
            aforesaid improvements can only be in place in Mark 2, which design will
            hopefully be completed in 2018, then for new prototype for testing.
            Thus, the actual serous production will be commenced 5 or 6 years later
            with further later date for combat ready. (credit Simon. Disqus user.)

          • waseem

            how many Tejas produced so far ????

          • Mahantesh Policepatil

            We don’t believe in how many junk fighters(JF-17) produced..
            We believe in quality fighters..

            Obviously Tejas is a highly advanced than JF-17.. It takes more time to produce..

            Indian Airforce has its own test parameters and quality standerds.. until and unless all test parameters are met we dont deploy a jet fighter in our airforce..

            But Pakistani Airforce can deploy even junk fighters.. no planning and no testing..


          • waseem

            You have not answered my question! The answer is 2. After 45 years 2 jets are inducted into IAF hurriedly & this has been called a squadron, good way to fool Indians. These 2 jets are riddled with issues. By end 2018, India will have 16 Tejas, provided they build 8 jets a year, for which they lack capacity. They can only build 2 per year. Another failure of planning. Tejas started in 1970 based on an obsolete design of Mirage. This design is not in use in modern aircraft after 1990. Its horribly stupid to say that something took more time is more advanced. Its actually full of problems & to solve these problems, Tejas design need to amended, which means back to the drawing board. IAF even don’t have a trainer for Tejas. Tejas is a dud project & no match for JF-17. You know what, when people like you ran out of comments, they just add lol at the end to hide their lack of knowledge & to escape from truth.

  • FC1

    JF-17 is simply an awesome aircraft

    • LCA

      Wake up Kid. Jf-17 is ages behind Tejas. Global experts called Tejas an 4.5 gen fighter during Aero. Tejas is ahead in all physical and technical aspects.

  • Tejas is still under development and is facing alot of issues.

    • andi

      lca tejas has been inducted to iaf

      • New Observer

        Really? When did that happen. May in fools' paradize. It haven't happenede in this world. Stop lying, fools.

  • Shobhit

    Dear Pakis:

    JF-17 is a CHINESE plane being license built in Pakistan(metal shell only)

    This is a lesser achievement than India building Su-30mki in India which is 90%+Indian in material content due to TOT.

    LCA is about building OUR OWN defence industry.

    • Rajiv gandhi

      WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAt su-30 mki is 90% india tomorrow u would say Rafael is 100% india made……….actually Russians will be lafing out loud at u…………….

    • Hu Fong

      90%? You're are obviously wrong man. One Indian claimed it's 100% Indian plane. Russians stole the technology. If you make a lie, make it big. If you can claim non-sense in written on the Internet, why then go small. Su-30mki technology was stolen by Russians and then resold back to Indians. Kalam himself developed that technology. LCA, on the other hand, was assigned to s0-called scientists and engineers imported from Ethiopia. As expected they could not complete it in 35 years. But that is actually a poly to reflect world attention from more critical systems and technologies (such as SU-30mki) developed by Kalam. He is currently working on a ultra-secret plane that will take a team of Indian scientists towards sun and try to land there at night time, hopefully not very cold one. Indians expect to get extraordinary jewels of secrets from that mission that no other nation history has achieved.

  • Jasper

    jF-17 is good aircraft and should meet pakistan's needs but as for comparison with LCA or Gripen. Griper is superior to both LCA and JF-17 and LCA holds advantage over JF-17 primarily thanks to its superior avionics and JF-17 main weakness its RD-93 engine. Future for both platforms IMO are bit murky China still shows little interest of procuring JF-17s and so far has failed to find any foreign buyers other than Pakistan, where as with LCA will IAF continue funding it when MRCA comes into the picture.

    • Mr304Ajk

      DEAR JASPER U R ABSOLUTELY WRONG THAT JF-17 Has failed to find Buyer's…………………Read what's Reality:

      <<<<<<<<<Potential customers Of JF-17 >>>>>>>>
      Egypt is currently discussing a deal with Pakistan to co-produce the JF-17 for the Egyptian Air Force.[106] The Azerbaijani Air Force has negotiated with China for the purchase of several dozen JF-17, worth between 16 and 18 million dollars each.[107][108] The Sudanese Air Force is also reported to be negotiating for 12 aircraft.[109] The Air Force of Zimbabwe reportedly ordered 12 JF-17 in 2004,[110] but there are no current sources that confirm payment or intent of delivery.[111][112][113] An article in 2008 reported several other countries including Bangladesh, Iran and Nigeria have been identified as potential buyers.[4][114] In early 2010 it was reported that China had been in talks with around 5 to 6 countries on the JF-17, some of whom had sent air force pilots to test-fly the fighter.

  • IAF

    DEAR paki frens,ur all technologically too inferior to make a 4th generation fighter of ur own..u need to take d total help of chinese mentors to make a jf17 blunder(ironically which is nt gona b used by even d chinese,as they know well its a blunder)..n those who r sayin india is poor,jst take a look at d economic growth we r having in last 7 years.Jst because of it nw we r able to spend $90 million for a eurofighter,wen at the same time begger pakistan has to resort to a $15 million junk fighter..get ur facts corrected before even thinking to compare paf with IAF…by d way wat will u use to combat eurofighters..locomotives from karachi circular railway?

  • PAF

    what happEnEd in 1965 whEn PAF shOt IAF with 1:3, gO and sEe wikipEdia..
    its nOt abOut hOw gOod is a planE.. itX abOut hOw yOu fly it.. and indian pilOts fly likE thEy arE slEeping.. EvEry mOnth wE hEard.. planE dOwn.. =PpP 😀
    first train yOur slEeping pilOts.. thEn dO and think fOr sOmEthing ElsE.. aftEr arjun Or i must say ar-junk..
    tEjas will bE a failurE tOo fOr surE, cz itX madE in india.. 😀

    • indian

      read carefully what happened in 1965 war, Pakis didnt have enough stockpiles of ammunition, Pakistani leaders feared the war tilting in India’s favor, Therefore, they quickly accepted the ceasefire in Tashkent.
      Just shot down only more Indian planes, Losses were relatively heavy—on the Pakistani side, twenty aircraft, 200 tanks, and 3,800 troops. Pakistan’s army had been able to withstand Indian pressure, but a continuation of the fighting would only have led to further losses and ultimate defeat for Pakistan. Most Pakistanis, schooled in the belief of their own martial prowess, refused to accept the possibility of their country’s military defeat by India and were, instead, quick to blame their failure to attain their military aims on what they considered to be the ineptitude of Ayub Khan and his government.

    • Nox007

      dude most of the IAF planes destroyed in 1965 were on the ground when IAF pilots were in their baracks and pakistani pilots bombarded the indian planes on the ground, also in 1999 Indian pilots owned Pakistan

  • L.V. Prasad

    In the present form, the LCA is inferior to Grippen and may be slightly better then JF 17. But when the new F414 engine is added to it in Mark II configuration, it would out perform even the Grippen. It is claimed that Grippen is having super cruise capability. When Grippen, which is heavier and bigger is having supercruise capability why not the LCA, which is smaller and lighter. In fact it would have better supercruise capability. The open architecture design of the LCA allows it to replace any new avionics parts making it contemporary to most of the other combat aircraft.

  • IndiCop

    @PAF Do not forget that pakistan attacked first and lost. India is not sold like PAF.
    The Indian army was in possession of 710 miles&sup2; (1,800 km&sup2;) of Pakistani territory and the Pakistan army held 210 mile&sup2; (550 km&sup2;) of Indian territory.
    See Wikipedia

  • David

    There were 4 main objectives of the LCA project. It was supposed to be a 'capable plane', 'to be available in-time' to replace the ageing Migs of all kinds in the indian air force, to be 'indigenous', and 'economical'. It has taken 3 decades to reach this state and still is years behind formal integration in the air force if it ever happens. This long process of development coupled with a list of failures has resulted in failing on all the above objectives. Since the design is literally 30 years old, basically copy of old Mirages that have been literally retired around the world, it will always lack in capability, no matter what engines you use and what equipment you fit in. It failed to be available on time to act as replacement, hence costing the indian nation between $20-30 billion to order the MRCA planes (126) of the 90's frame, and rush to invest another $10-15 billion, as a start, on the PAK-FA russian project. This delay is so costly that even after ordering the 126 planes IAF will face serious shortages in numbers. The inability of india to make the plane on its own, with such a long list of failures has resulted in invingint many foreign companies to come and support the design, development and provide equipment including engines, avionics and so on, thus doing away with the objective of being purely 'indigenous'. These delays, failures, and older frame has already more than doubled the cost and if ever it flies, the cost of the plane would be much more than buying an F-16, and the result will be a plane of much lower capability, older frame, and imported technology, thus failing on the fourth objective. Hence, the project of LCA has been a disaster, failing on all the objectives it was supposed to achieve.

    • sid

      You dont have to be a genius to figure that this plane is not indigenous, not even it’s original planform which were modelled after hawker siddeley/bae projects, it’s not cheap, it’s not that capable… manuevarable…lol, it’s a canard without any extra control surfaces? and yet its highly manuevarble, it’s cant go over 1.8 mach, even though it’s a canard design withtout any additional control surfaces, has really good TWR with on canard design, and it will not be available in time and in enough numbers to replace mig-21s.

  • Milk

    Late is different from Good aircraft. LCA may be late but better than JF-17.

  • Sayon

    Again the same old stuff.

    I don’t know how we offended the Pakistanis. LCA is a 4.5 Gen aircraft but most of all its our own researched & developed technologies. our excellence, our own hard effort. It is “Made in India”. What have Pak made their own. JF-17 might be a good aircraft but if so why the Chinese are not using it. ? moreover JF-17 is Chinese jet, not Pakistani. Even our Su-30MKI is customized but not that JF-17. why people doesn’t like the fact & reality.

    India is a developing country, nobody denying it, but the fact is Pakistan is a failed state, they can only sustain with US monetary aid. Pak is very proud of 1965 (distorted history), let us remind them about 1971 (resulted fact).

    • sid

      per capita india and pak are pretty much in the same place….the bottom. The main and vital technologies needed for fighters and needed for lca are not indian. lca is not 4.5 gen, it's 4 gen just like jf-17, difference between them aint much

  • Imran

    Hoping for good and developed Pakistan and Insh Allah soon Pakistan will be able to make aircrafts by its own engineers. I think both countries Pakistan and India need to stop talking on each other and do in real to develop their countries and to increase their technology.

    • Harish Puri

      Imran Bhai, Yes let us wish that the wisdom not only prevails but accentuates with passage of time. Let relation and technology improve uninterruptedly for the betterment of masses and larger interest.

    • Hindusthan


    • Porus Sheriar

      Imran – good comments. What we do not realize is that superpowers create the aura of danger & make countries like us buy their expensive hardware. Now that China has the J20 FGFA almost ready – India is almost co-erced into going the same route. However, IAF has a very depleted squadron strength so buying some aircraft off the shelf seems to be the only option. Defense planning in India has always been shoddy – let’s hope this new govt takes good decisions like it has done so far.

  • mr wisdom

    …………………………………………IMPORTANT PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU HAVE TIME………………………………………………

    LOL..bullshit…to all Pakistanis who think TEJAS is backbone ,,, crap………. TEJAS is interceptor/defender and will replace MIG 21 and so far it has done its job well ..your so called JF ( JOINT FAILURE _17) ; the backbone of PAF ,will rather face su 30 and su t 50…now you guys can compare them …TEJAS is underestimated but seriously it has yet to prove its metal in a combat if it was a failure they would not have it to develop to mk2 freaking ignorant asses …a bunch of faggots coming here and saying all Pakistanis who think they won the war against India …go to you tube and search for NAJAM SETHI – and listen to him as this Pakistani senior journalist tell the bitter-defeat tales of Pakistan..1965 war was completely and and neatly planned by Pakistan and was initiated by it but yet they fail to set devastating impact/ shock and set fear in Indian military and capture the territory…(i read something like this on Wikipedia) let alone capturing Kashmir…insecurity has landed you people into a shit hole before and will land you there again…while an average Indian youth thinks about good education and helping his/her family and most of all helping mother India to combat problems –on the other hand a Pakistani youth daydreams about defeating and conquering India and signing up for HUMAN BOMBS …ignorant about the fact that Pakistan is sinking deeper and deeper into the ABYSS…(regarding their economy and internal affairs)…suck on to this ..GOOD DAY

  • Vishal Bagmar

    i think the purpose of starting LCA was to get the industry started from scratch here. Well starting a industry takes time. But with all the Technology transfer deals, joint developments,new Defense colleges & courses,latest cadre of scientist, it is possible that we indians will be able to innovate and come up with something new later down the line..
    Well there is a saying if you want to do something right do it yourself.

  • Rohan Sharma

    Well In 1965 war IAF loss was due to a attack on aircraft base otherwise if one may see despite having inferior Aircrafts than paf they managed to outdone them and in 71 war everyone saw the might of IAF.

    Now coming back to LCA Tejas well The mk1 operated with 40 planes is forced on IAF though its only advantage is that by 2016 when lcamk2 will be completely inducted into IAF .By then pilots will have considerable experience of mastering tejas.

    And the mk2 version is definitely in the class of present version of gripen that saab is offering.And yes may eascape f-16 and even hit it down in dogfight.(but not f-15 in any case)
    But it cant be compared to the ability of f-16 to strike .
    Now the joke of the day is on pakis and indians both
    Comparing tejas and jf17 with F-15 eagle or F16,18 even raptor by some pakis.

    Another thing JF-17 is still not fully materialized its just that flying tin is inducted into paf after that it needs lots of thing to look at which will take years to come unlike tejas which has everything it needs with complete integration of weapon system.

    Now Jf-17 is just a number game and its not the quality of the aircraft that could be worrisome but quantity and to tackle that tejas with a cost of 26 million approx by 2016 is iaf answer .

    Both planes have different role though and in case of oneto one battle Tejas because of its advanced tech radar n all is much better than jf-17

    It does took a lot of time since its been finalized for a go ahead in 1992 and a complete 24 years for it to be integrated with iaf.
    But it is more of a prototype for nextgen fighter craft AMCA that India can realized easily now as they will have kaveri engine and mmr by then.
    with experience of making a plane like tejas with sukhoi mki and pakfa t50.

    But please stop thinking that tejas or jf17 are worlds best craft or something like that.Tejas with its unique design does have something to offer but still both are just aircraft's meant for developing nation that cant afford the high tech game war.While in Indian case its a step for building their own defense industry.

  • imam hussain

    hi all i personally believe that j-17 thunder is purely chinese and and there own technology and those country who innovated in there own technology have exceled only

  • Rajan Sharma

    There is no comparison between jf 17 and lca because tejas uses best of 4th gen techs and maturing an aircraft is a very complex one it is deffinately late but it will deffinatly come up with flying colors and will serve the IAF

  • Rajan Sharma

    even country like america took 30 years to make an aircraft and making an aircraft is not making wings and fuslage you have to develop related techs too like the most engine and the radar and avionic

  • sumit

    F22 raptor took 20 years almost to get its shape and how many $ us govt spend which it borrowd from tax payers (from pocket of US People) But still F22 is a successfull. Then I think need to wait for LCA to improve. Let us give a chance to indian engineers to improve on LCA Make 3

  • pradhyumn

    lca tejas is much better than tin can jf-17. engine power when tejas fly is 2600 while that of jf-17 is 1500. nowadays,tejas is fully developed to take aim perfectly but jf-17 donot have this power to take aim,jf-17 only drop bombs. speed of tejas is 2 times than that of sound while speed of jf-17 is only 1.5 times that of air. tejas is 4.5 generation plane and uses best of 4th gen techs, while that of jf-17 is 3.5 genertion plane and its tech is so lower than that of tejas

  • Col. Sher of Kargil

    Hahahahahahaha its really amaizing for a country like India to make such things as aircraft. I think they should make nothing except shelter homes for those who are still sleeping on the roads and footpaths of India. those who are talking about India's growth they must see whats happenening on its footpaths. its not an eggsageration but a fact so better to build shelter homes not TEJAYS.

    • rohan

      LOLZ what made you fel that JF-17 is a fourth gen jet??

      It's derivative of mig21 airframe and F-16 wing design. Nothing new or exciting about this design.
      While LCA Tejas is a unique deltawing tailless configuration.

      THE main technologies that constitutes this jet are all Indians.
      Except ejection seat HMDS radar jammer Radar Engine these will be imported component.

      In b/w kaveri engine is in progress and We hot our own AEWECS radar with range 375 km which will be minimized and by 2020 Tejas will have it.

      HMDS and ejection seat will be replaced with Indian components soon.

      And from composite to flyby wire and all the avionics system is Indian

    • hari

      even pakistan dont know to make a single pistol ,,, they only know to copycat the equipment from the great copycat leader china

  • anil k

    u saying jf-17 is a chinese indigeneous fighter.its not airframe of mig-21 russian engine west techno all borrowed still indigeneous and paki nothing but funded chinese to get some experience in making a fighter

  • tjo

    as for my comment tejas may not be as matured &proven as gripen but it is definitely matured & proven well ahead of j-17

    and people please be matured at least act like one to analyst the facts, don't be childish

    • vcp

      yes the real truth the tejas is foolish to funny poor indian people the hal and political party says whaoooooooooo grab our money and share there dreams

      tejas fighter can win a war in 1965 not 2014 ,many reason ,the funny thing that air is buying tejas for fighting wars then why go for Rafale ,the real thing that tejas cant beat mig 29, we have mig 29,27,su-30, then we find tejas the goes some politician and share holders eating money that all

  • ashutosh

    may lca tejas develop into a 5th generaton aircraft

  • Houston

    For all LCA TEJAS lover go to under Pakistan and read about JF-17. Then say something. Just because you are Indian that doesn't mean what you are saying has any substance to it.

  • Viz

    Some people are still talking about the wars which happened decades ago.indians didnt have the tech which they posses now.if i am correct india started developing after 90’s .now india is not that india which was in 60’s or even in 90’s… Hal tejas is not a failed project .we learned a lot more about building jets and it definitely helps in amca.amca ll not be a slow project like 30mki is being built by india under the transfer of technology so is pakistan building jf 17 and in next couple of years india ll start manufacturing dassaul rafale under transfer of technology by hal. so we or pakis cannot call su 30 mki or jf17 as indigenious.pak cannot match india now or even in the future because of large economy, manpower,technology ,money every thing…india is modernising in all aspect like decrease in poverty,improving infrastructure etc. Like wise india cannot match china because of its large economy,money and technology although it is a reverse engineering they have mastered it. China is bigger in number in all aspect for india to defeat china. But still india is not a piece of cake for china or anyone at present or in the future … India still need to work hard and we ll work hard to match china in near future…india has more advantage than any developing countries in the world because of its increasing in youth population.i think there ll be no war between china and india because both posses weapon of mass destruction and are developing responsible countries.tensions and issues are likely to solved by talking. In case of pakistan it is bit different……all the best to all my dear Indians and lets help our India to develop and improve more and more….Jai Hind.

    • Malang

      So, since Pak is smaller in size, it cannot compete with India and same applies to India versus China. So smaller countries are always weaker? Han? What a non-sense! We are a smaller country but have three times more nukes than Indians (even though we started in late 70s, two decades after Indians started working on their nukes). For JF-17 and MKI thingy, while you guys are just putting the nuts and bolts of MKI together, we are manufacturing 65% of JF-17 locally besides assembling. Have participated in design work with about 40% contribution. So don't tell us that if Indians are nerd after "assembling" many aircrafts in past, so will be Pakistanis. We are already working on Mark II of JF-17.

      • Mihir Joshi

        three times more nukes than us ???
        get ur numbers straight man …
        U r making me laugh …
        Its the other way around u fool ….

        • Pakistani


          • S Roham

            kamse kam dialogue toh khudka likho. . . . .wo bhi kisi aur ka use karte ho.
            Shame on pak.

      • Hindusthan

        3 times more nuke….wht a joke?

    • Hindusthan

      jai hind

  • Well wat kinda hell mattrs here.. m n indian dat mins m nt in favor of indians neidr wid paks nor wid chinese..true wat ya all says bt i’d say india is progressng @ a decnt pace, is njyng gud relations wid d world b’cz of it’s polite steps unlyk china wid its aggressiv n bullish steps..n pakistan wid its struggling n sufferng politics coupled by terrorism. In d lyn of defence d Indian forces really suffer b’cz of delays in acquirng equipment mainly due 2 d guv’s corruption. Hopefully d defence minstr will work double-speed 2 sort out d problems. N I wud say dat 2day India is meant 2 b respectd, it is a developng country n poverty can’t b eradicate anytym soon bt measures hav already been taken. N in case of nukes, d nation is not offensive n has unmatched safety records, it hs a no-1st-use policy n it is against d use of nukes on a non-nuclear state. India goes nuclear b’cz of China’s bullyng measures n India is a threat 2 no one. India adoptd nukes only s a means of safeguardng itslf in case of a nuke attack on its soil. Hope India will continue 2 progress peacefully in a polite way dat it is doing now n @ d same tym quietly strengthen n modernise its Armed Forces 2 counter threats.

    Gud luck 2 al ya indians frm d NE..

    • Dharmin Siddesh J

      u shoud have said gud luck rest of indians from nort east indan bro we all are indian

  • Raj

    LOLZZZ … PAF had to participate in this debate 🙂 Be men guys … dont you have to wash your planes and may be repair your runways ? To fly a plane you need a runway. You know that right ?? hehehehe

  • mahesh

    My dear Indian friends, please wake up to reality.. Don't be ashamed to accept our weakness.
    We as a nation and the multifaceted and multi-talented people are capabale to produce the best of any thing in the world.
    prior to that we have to think like and live like a nation first.
    It is because of the lunatic and idiot and shameless ..yes shameless creature the so called politician who are at the helm of all affairs who have dragged the country to the present status. it is only money and commission which matters for them.
    they will not let India to grow bcoz that ll' jeopardise their profiteering adventure.
    beside that i don't know why we are so concerned what others say…let them say ..we should march forward but unfortunately cannot.
    just few examples for all of you to consider.
    1. One country but no freedom in transportation of food from one state to other. on one hand food grains rotting in FCI goddam (millions of tonne) on the other hand scores dying because of no food. ultimately rotten grains make way to breweries just imagine why…?
    2. One country but different set of laws .no uniform civil code …why?
    3. Almost 5 crore Bangladeshi residing in India. have changed the demography of our north east state.. why?
    4. Even you all have noticed the same road has to be made in your locality every year… why.?
    5. On buses and train .written just for the sake of writing ' no smoking' but friends have you seen people obliging..and if you very well know what you ll' hear from the offender.. why?
    6. Urinating , spitting in open public place with no shame. why?
    7. Driving on road as if it belongs to them..and of course cannot live without honking..?
    8. Pathetic government hospital and schools with no accountability or responsibility of staff.. why?
    9. Same is with electricity, welfare, pds, and what not department of govt..why..?
    10 Building roads, airports, railway station, ports(you may say we have Delhi kolkatta Hyderabad or Bangalore airport) but dear they stand nowhere to what is called class( just for your kind information kolkata terminal inaugurated recently…beware every day glass pieces are falling apart..even may risk passengers) take hell lot of time resulting in deadly cost escalation( thereby enriching the builders at the same time politician). y it is so difficult to acquire land for progress….whereas real estate, mining , companies are getting land easily.
    11. we export rare earth at few dollars a tonne where as import the same rare earth processed in hi-tech gadgets at an exorbitant cost what sort of trade is this and going on continuously why?
    12. you must have seen and heard of the commonwealth games in which even a humble umbrella was procured for 2,000 rs.. fridge rented yes rented not purchased for rs 40,000 why?. why bcoz we are all fickle minded and forget very easily.. there are hell lot of things my dear friends which i see in my day 2 day life and feel that in 15 to 20 years country is looking towards another partition. has lot to share but am not so good at typing
    13. money sanctioned and distributed for various project and in fact shown on map.. but on ground the road does not exist…why?
    14. our great media channels owned by various political party just shows programs of their interest, instead helping the hostile nation by live telecasting of various operations..( i hope u all getting what i mean)
    15. have seen people staring at foreigners at various historical places and cities of india…( aree baba they are also human being…y to give weightage to them just for their white skin..) grow up brothers and make others aware of this ,just ignore them) remember the tantrums created by the aussies at our games village ..can you think of the same by our players at their location….why ? dear why? not…..just learn to have respect for self and the country..please educate people whoever is reading this…
    The list is endless my dear friends ..first of all let us become a citizen of India.

    • pranav

      very nicely written. kindly tell me more about partition.

  • mahesh

    regarding military prowess…m sorry to say dear that even Pakistan is well prepared than us…ours is like a house which has been burgled. don't go by emotions…even i m patriotic like you…but friends accept the fact. though we may have tested the nuclear weapons, AGNI 5, Nuclear submarine, LCA, but dear freinds where is the infrastructure to build them and of course political unwillingness…may be ll' take more than a decade to enter production line…
    let me bring to you some facts you already know..
    1. TATA'S planned to build helicopter's in India, andhra pradesh near Hyderabad, even land was allotted in 2010.
    but suddenly in 2011 the land allocation was cancelled on the reason best known to the bastard politician of India…whereas in 2011 first chopper was to be rolled out having a capacity of 4o choppers per year,,,can HAL think of it.. why?
    2. Again TATA'S approched defence establishment for indigenous manufacture and supply of missile.. but were not allowed…why?
    3. you may well remember that in early nineties TATA'S wre not given permission to start a airline of theirs with Singapore air. ..why?
    again the list is endless.. as you all know TATA'S don't bribe or give commission for their projects to the bastard yes bastard politician..
    just for the sake of formality they purchased ultra bullet proof jackets from TATA.
    our industrial houses be it tata, mahindra, kirloskar to name a few in fact they have built some ALMV, ATV, bullet proof vehicle ect but this is just the starting…(but i bet given a free hand they will achieve in 5 years what HAL. BDL, BEML, BHEL etc,etc have not been able to achieve in their entire existent period.)PVT industrial undertaking are capable of building world class in fact beating products..
    in fact our psu can deliver result if responsibility and accountability is fixed along with punitive action against the defaulter….but friends sorry to say have seen post holders in psu and different govt. organization won't buzz an inch without commission( although exception are also there but they are rare commodity)
    4. Reliance though a corrupt company, but still would have contributed to the advancement of the country had they been allowed to establish the semi-conductor /micro-processor plant they proposed( don't know what went wrong).

    5.Marut was the 1st fighter aircraft to be built by India in 1964…. but was shelved due to some thrust problem in the engine. ( whereas effort sud hv been on resolve the issue) again after 20 years L.C.A is conceived and after almost 30 years is not on production line…with huge escalation ( what a waste of our tax money).
    reason 1. no accountability or responsibility fixed in the mean time placing contracts on foreign firm with huge commission that too for their discarded products. and saving their defence industry facing bankruptcy ..instead of building our own defence industry. similar is with the DHW submarines procured from Germany at the cost of Indian submarine.( have lot to say in this regard but at a later date)
    i being an ordinary citizen feel that i can better govern the country compared to this bastards…u may laugh and post comment on this , but this is what i feel. y be so soft. policy sud be tit for tat. my first priority ll' b to make the people of India aware what a true Indian means and sud do….


    • pranav

      i was not aware from this facts. truly said. hope nda will do something in this matter.

  • mahesh

    i don't know how much appetite for money these idiot politician want for their life that they have plunged the country in total darkness. being an ordinary citizen i have no idea what hand in glove these politician are having with foreign firm and are totally averse to Indian firm entering defence segment. making them rich with our money ,, impoverising us..making us dependent on them and to their whims and fancy……dammit why…even after having the capability to produce here why don't we…

    My dear friends let us being building by a simple beginning…
    1. just be honest to yourself and carried away by what others say.
    2. Start using Indian products..from day to day use to luxury..tooth paste to cars…use Indian brands why to use AUDI , MERCEDEZ, TOYOTA , HONDA OR others( u ll say quality n class…if u r so conscious of quality and class go for LAND ROVER OR JAGUAR owned by TATA. ) for middle class go for MAHINDRA vehicles they are damn good..

    why to go for samsung, nokia, lg, sony…………..go for micromax, karbon….it's only with your help that our indin company will build themselves to be a true MNC.

    Use our own food instead of KFC, Mac D, subway n what not ( you all know what junk food means for our health)..people may laugh…what's d dear friends no country is richer in this aspect than INDIA….dn't show realist of who you are…girls you can help a lot in this aspect…

    • pranav

      truly said.


      Allow competition from foreign brands to improve the quality of Indian products. The license raj (controlled economy) era has done a lot of damage to our economy.

  • So stop taking u ruled india for 900 years

  • jf-17-blunder

    LCA may be a late one or even a failed one….. but its certainly a small indian step towards self reliance. 100 SPACE MISSIONS, 4TH LARGEST ARMY and HIGHEST NUMBERS OF DOCTORS AND ENGINEERS are enough to state that india is going to dominate in near future.
    pakistan and north korea are such a countries who buy arms at the cost of their citizens welfare. WHOLE WORLD KNOWS FUTURE OF COUNTRIES SUCH AS PAKISTAN AND NORTH KOREA…. NOTHING NEED TO BE SAID ABOUT THEM.

    • hell freezes over

      China is using pakistan as a mere pawn. The moment china feels it does not require pakistan any more, it will get dumped

    • Manjul Pant

      hope for a better pakistan….. and a peaceful world…

    • Umair

      Dear JF17 is not a blunder, it is a thunder for a third world country, whose sources are limited, were there are hell of issues like terrorism, corruption, international sanctions.
      After independence India got hell of resources were as Pakistan don’t. No matter what sort of machine JF17 or Tejas is?. But I know only one difference which has weight i.e. Indian HAL consulted many Western companies for Avionics & Carbon composites, whereas two nations Pakistan & China did all work by themselves.
      Kindly don’t mind, there is one thing about Indians they always cry/project they are superior in all aspects, whereas world knows how much superior or capable both countries are!
      JF17 is pride of Pakistan.
      Proud to be Pakistani.
      Pakistan Zindabad.

      • vishal

        Hi Umair. Where is your mind. Who are you and what is your blood. You are the blood of India. You are not an Arab who is African by genes. If a new religion comes and teaches you, you cut your dic.. and start supporting that religion and point your mother country with whom you share your origin by listening to your Mullas.
        Yes. This is not war between countries and this is war between religions. Please believe it. Some religions are like that, they make you hate everything around you.

  • gr1

    i would like to say to the author of this article that you have mentioned gripen ng but what about tejas mk2 which will be according to sources above even gripen ng

  • chirag parashar

    This is the reply to the first comment……..I guess tht u r right about us being poor acc to u….. bt fr ur kind info we are not… and stop taking us as joke because in many brutal wars our forces whooped the countries asses…..real bad….. and agreed that tejas stands no where near f 22 raptor or fighting falcon or f 18 super hornet… bt the thing here about which we r proud of is that we made it ourself without any help of other countries…. and the country which has max young power 12 milloinares in list of top 50 riches and human power…. u shoud feel friggin fkin stupid…… to call us poor…. and bad.. Country which has 4 th largest defence and is counted as the upcoming superpower is really really dumb if urs to call as weak….. so go piss in ur pants u dumbass.

  • INDIAN BUddhist

    guys TEJAs was not just a single Air fighter being bulit but a completely new indusrtry and technology being develoed by India …just for an example …HAL wanted its LCA to be made of carbon composite but we dint had that tech know how….but with colobration with Differnt IITs and indian indusrty got the knowledge and today my friends we have a Separate Aviation carbon composite Manufacturing Unit of HAL that can built any body in india it self….india is far better than pakistan and untrustworthy China……
    Especiially for chian we called them HINDI CHINI BHAI BHAI AND the attached us i think pakistan should understand this JO APne bhai ka vafadar nahi raha vo KATVE ka kya rahega!!!

  • Indian

    For whoever speaking against LCA (TEJAS), I am sure you will be sorry for that. Every country had worked hard for their aircraft and got it. India is doing well with its limited funding. Some body has written about the look of the aircraft, I don't know what is the relation between look and fighting capability. Is there any website for other aircraft compared here like the TEJAS. I am sure TEJAS will never lose its radiance, until the last INDIAN is alive. I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN.

  • A Proud INDIAN

    am nt here to offend ne pakistanis…my 1st thng what on earth made u think JF-17 is a better aircraft than LCA Tejas…forget abt afterburners n canards…JF-17 doesnt fare well in easy maneuver n handling….more ovr its a indigenously built Aircraft…compared 2 China n Pakistan association…which requires both porkis n chinis 2 first understand each other language first den technology later 😛 The technologies can be changed nw n den with ease and new features can b added…much 2 da the annoyance of Porkis n Chinis…who would b seeing sm new capabilities being added each tym they underestimate INDIA…while both Porkis n chinis r bent on tresspassing n snopping on INDIA …n wasting tym in shits like terrorism…i have one word…why dont u all atleast study somethng gud in ur schools n colleges….u can never defeat INDIA in any war…say it a nuclear or a normal dogfight…coz u actually dnt hav da brains fr it

    • Sabiha Saeed

      We donot expect more from cow’s p.iss drinker u.gly looking black skinned f.ilthy Endian … You call LCA indegnous wow engine from USA avionics from west Only the ugly looking airframe is yours(Who knows if it is also donated by some russian failed projects lol)

      • steevan

        May be u r right . . . . but we cow piss drinkers are far ahead of porkistanis & not begging from america like your fucking pakistan. We have ability to fight against you without any help.

      • Hindusthan

        U sabibha just wait and see …

      • sanjay

        What do you call a nation that gets whacked by cow piss drinkers thrice? Pig S.hit eaters?

  • Pakistani

    Do u think teeja is better than jf.. Build more than… Long live Mata ji ki jay ho

  • Pakistani

    I seen teeja flights they looks great, iaf should have to mass product these planes. and jf thunder is not good at all. it is f16 type looks a very bad india should not worry about this stupid plane.. u r doing great with Lca,
    jay bajambali

  • shivi mangat

    tajas can beat easy f-16 jf-17 well done india

    • Ken

      A super hornet will eat your aircraft up. I am a proud American, and we have the facts from your own air superiority dogfights with American pilots just last year, they had to turn off their radar and dogfight, and still smoked the competition….. I heard it from a pilot in the navy and air force. Then there is the F22, your still years away from anything even close. Its not that we will ever go to war, as we are allies, I hope anyway, but don’t confuse pride with prejudice.

  • Jamy

    May be a layman’s observation, but for the look and feel Tejas is the ugliest of the contemporary aircrafts. It still retains the very basic design during the first flight 10 years ago. The extremely conservative and conventional indian attitude reflects in design. To be precise among Eagles and Vultures our Tejas looks Sparrow.

  • paban

    stop taking porkis otherwise america will not give you any more food aid. . .

  • Bharatsevak

    Tejas MK2 with the GE F414 98KN thrust engines will definitely be superior to All above having a TWR 0f 1.15. Tejas Mk2 will be better than even the Eurofighter/Rafale in dog fights. Especially since the size of Tejas makes it difficult for visual location and accurate aim if it comes to a a gun fight and its weight and TWR gives it superior manuvering capability compared to any fighter in the world.
    If it comes to BVR & AAM warfare Tejas Mk2 has ASEA Radar with contemprory range capabilities and Tejas MK2 also has state of art ECM and add to that the ASTRAs it becomes a very potent force. Tejas MK2 will be carrying 5Tonnes of Armaments, with the Astras weighing only 154 kg it can carry sufficient Astras for all interception scenarios.

  • Bharatsevak

    Combination of the Super Sukhoi 30 MKI with almost Fifth Gen capabilities(the upgraded SU30 with P Zhuk AE & other equipment, composite material in wings etc.) equipped with Brahmos Astra and soon Nirbhay ALCMs AND the Tejas MK2 extreme fighter will be to powerfull a combination for anybody to mess with India.

  • Lucifer

    Reading all the articles and wikipedia, I would only say that Saab JAS 39 Gripen is the only “true” competitor of LCA Tejas. The other two competitors doesn’t match LCA. Every time I research about Gripen and Tejas, I always come to a conclusion that Gripen (including present and next generation) is better than LCA Tejas (including Mk.1 and Mk.2).

  • jigsaww

    The kind of help that Tejas has received from Russia, Israel, USA, France should have it made to be the best of these three air craft. Instead what came out is the worst of these three jets. Tejas is a grossly mismanaged and screwed up project mainly due to incapacity of indians to produce anything on their own. Tejas will never see the results IAF wishes to see from it. It won’t possibly secure any foreign sales and wont be making up for backbone of IAF. It’s basically a technology demonstrator that will be sold to IAF forcefully.

    I would rate the three jets as below:
    1. Gripen NG
    2. JF-17 Block 3
    3. Tejas Mk1A/Mk2

  • Gopal Raj Kumar

    The LCA Tejas is very much India. Cost overruns and never on time. The fact of the matter is that although India has a diversified inventory of internationally renowned aircraft it is the calibre of the man in the cockpit that matters.

    After the Pakistani rag tag ensemble at Kargil downed 3 of Indians war planes the sorry state of the nations forces became all to evident for the world to see.

    Nationalistic jingoistic rhetoric will not solve the problem. Sucking up the Israel will not do it either. Israel will sell to the Nazis if they were around today as it did lethal equipment to the Argentinians and Chileans under Nazi style dictators.

    India has to change its midset when it comes to defence. Rice bellied generals and foot soldiers will take a hiding at the hands of tightly controlled Mujaheedeen of smaller numbers more motivated and lighter more manouverable soldiers.

    The LCA Tejas is not even suited for the smallest African state without enemies.
    Another failed prestige project which will embarrass the nation.

  • pradeep s

    of course not , we should have taken saab offer of make in india .
    its pretty foolish to compare tejas with gripen , its like comparing a maruti car with volvo ………………………….not being unpatriotic but be realistic


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