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Xian H-8 Chinese Stealth bomber

The H-8 is a secret strategic stealth bomber by China  reportedly to have started trial flights from November, 2007.  The during the test flight Chinese leaders were present comprising of Central Military Committee officers, air force logistics department officers, national defense science and industry committee, Xi’an deputy mayor and the provincial party committee assistant deputy secretary for inauguration of  the project.

For obvious reasons the actual bomber looks slightly different because the pictures may have been camouflaged to hide the details of true design of the Chinese plane. This is standard operating procedure for new secret weapons and strategic bomber planes. A similar tactic was adopted by the American DoD before the Stealth B-2 bomber was introduced to the public.

The H-8 bomber was a Chinese military aircraft that was a possible successor to the Xian H-6 twin-engine jet bomber. The prototype aircraft was reported to be an enlarged version of the H-6 with under-wing engines, but that the project was canceled in the early 1970s before the bomber went into production. The  Chinese military has a stealth bomber called Xian H-8 that has 4 Ws-10A engines derived from Russian and US technology. The engines are made from carbon fiber and coated with special nanotechnology. The Xian H-8 has a max speed of Mach 1.2 and carries stealth missiles in its cargo bay and can also can carry nuclear missiles. China is currently developing stealth fighters like J-XX and J-13 (which is based on the J-10).

As reported , in 1994 there was an official set up development to match the American B-2A as far as possible. The weapons load is targeted around 18 tons and when necessary, the bomber will travel at 1.2 Mach to penetrate defended territory or in case it needs to escape. The bomber will carry a new stealth cruise missile with the range to reach targets upto United States. Range is estimated to notch up to ten thousand kilometers although it is unclear whether this is with refueling or without refueling. However, the bomber is said to be able to refuel. The aircraft uses domestically produced advanced navigation equipment. The bomber has been designed by the 603 institute, and Xian will be responsible for producing the bomber. The bomber will be the first domestically designed and manufactured strategic bomber.

According to reports, the H-8 uses a high-tech blended wing-body design, has fly-by-wire controls, and has an angled fuselage. The wing has massive internal fuel tanks. The aircraft uses carbon fiber and other composite materials and the weapons bay has a rotating weapons profile.The bomber retains a terrain hugging capacity and has a terrain following and mapping radar, satellite data links and advanced digital mapping systems. The bomber also uses advanced stealth technologies including nanometer coating amongst other technologies.

The H-8 will have 4 turbo-fan engines, the core of which is based on the WS-10A. Weapons will include 12 “red birds”  or 3 cruise missiles distribute in two weapons bays. Each of the cruise missiles may use a nuclear warhead and can fire from a distance of 3,000 kilometers. It can also use a host of other weapons including laser guided “thunder stone” 6, satellite guidance bomb and anti-ship missile, amongst others.

The H-8 bomber is a Stealth, strategic, and heavy bomber all rolled into one. It carries a crew of two and could fly as fast as Mach 1.4, has a range of 11,000 kilometers (without refueling), and can carry over 18 tonnes of bomb load. It can carry twelve Stealth cruise missiles (each with a range of 3,000 km) on each of the two weapons bays. It could carry an additional three nuclear missiles (350-kilotons each). The bomber will be mass-produced and will enter active service in the PLAAF by 2010. The bomber will replace the old H-6 bombers that the PLAAF have in active service.

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  • dylan

    Errm, the picture is of a USAF B-2 Spirit.

  • Anonymous

    What a load of speculative garbage. The writer claims that little known about the plane, yet insists that it's more advanced than the B-2. He states, at one point, that the range is 10,000 km, then increases this range to 11,000 km. This bomber, according to the author, also has 2 top speeds, of mach 1.2 and 1.4. And what exactly does 'stealth, strategic and heavy bomber, all rolled into one', mean?–does this imply that the B2 is not strategic, or heavy? This article is a load of useless speculation and nothing else.

  • Anonymous

    While this article is intriguing, it is filled full of contradictions in itself. I somehow doubt that the Chinese of all people could develop the kind of aircraft we're talking about here. China may have the funds but lack the talent and ingenuity to perform this kind of task. If anything, any press release of this aircraft is propaganda and is utter nonsense.

    • Sammandar

      Its not that much difficult for china to do so coz they have the ability as well as the funds, who knows they had started and then gave it up for some other superior project much more sophisticated and much more surprising for the world in general and for the USA in particular, i think and i am sure this is the what.

    • Donald

      I would not underestimate the abilities and capabilities of Chinese people.

  • Luis Pinero

    What a load of garbage. If anything, the Russians will have stealth capability before the Chinese. China has no way to counter the US naval presense in the Pacific or the island hopping deployment of the B2. The Chinese are doing all they can to intimidate the Taipie government including propaganda like this. They haven't figured out how to launch aircrafts off a ship yet to develop a formidable fleet based around aircraft carriers. So what makes you think that they suddenly pulled off this stealth miracle?? Smoke and mirrors my friend. Nothing more.

    • Garry

      They are developing a MRBM that will have an anti A/C carrier capability.

  • gibo

    I agree. The plane is likely. The plans probably have been stolen from the United States. America seems unable to keep proper security at their military development projects, so the Chinese get what they want, one way or the other. Such a craft has already 'appeared' in revelations Given to the christian churches about Australia, as part of the over-all future invasion of Australia. Some of these revelations can be found at
    See Simons dreams.

  • gibo

    I agree. The plane is likely. The plans probably have been stolen from the United States. America seems unable to keep proper security at their military development projects, so the Chinese get what they want, one way or the other. Such a craft has already 'appeared' in revelations Given to the christian churches about Australia, as part of the over-all future invasion of Australia. Some of these revelations can be found at
    See Simons dreams.

  • Arkan

    I think China will be the Big Agressor in Asia, they similar as Japan before World War 2.
    Step by step China will build their military program with their amazing economic growth, then they will attack many Asia countries.

  • Arkan

    I think China will be the Big Agressor in Asia, they similar as Japan before World War 2.
    Step by step China will build their military program with their amazing economic growth, then they will attack many Asia countries.

  • dave

    Chinese economic growth is more than 9% a year and it happen more than 30 consecutive years non stop.
    Now they have more than 2 trillion dollars reserves while American has 11 trillion dollars in debt.
    So who the Boss now.
    I think everbody can guess what China would become in 10 or 20 years later.
    Slowly but sure they can made this kind of plane soon.

    • Tony

      Yeah, the US is warrior, UK is the mage, Japan is the prist…… guess what? we still need 1 dps to start this raid !


    • OldMilitaryFan

      China's fast economic will slow down from 2013 and gradully drop the same pace with rest of the world. Why? They were behind US & western countries so as long as they do the right thing then they can demonstrate fast economic growth. Once they are getting closer, they will slow down. And for the size and advanced technologies US Navy has, all carriers almost twice the size of China's one and only modified second hand carrier towed from old Soviet's junk yard and ten times more tha the Chinese. It will take at least 15 years to catch up, if they can maintain the same economic growth.

      Luis is absolutely correct " They haven't figured out how to launch aircrafts off a ship yet to develop a formidable fleet based around aircraft carriers. So what makes you think that they suddenly pulled off this stealth miracle?"

  • Hari

    There's some people only have the unreasonable phobia and negative thinking about china…you know why?? i think they all small minded racist that afraid to acknowledge "the change" of world and rising asia

  • Marc

    It’s’s Chinese………therefore it’s made out of concrete….no worries here.

  • Carlton Scroop

    Another Chinese lump of an aircraft hewn from a solid lump of iron….still, hopefully will generate enough 'fear' within the US to up the current production run of F22/F35 so not a bad thing.

  • Typhoonq

    To: Annoymous/Gibo/Luis Pinero

    I have something for you guys to contemplate and not to under estimate the Chinese talents and intelligence..
    Since your last posting, China have achieved the following:-

    1. The World fastest High Speed Train
    2. The World fastest Super Computer
    3. The most advance Deep Sea Submersible craft that can reach 99% of the Ocean floor.
    4. Deploy the World first "Carrier Killer" ASBM DF-21D
    5. Perhaps the most advance Stealth fighter Bomber : J-20
    6. A space craft to Mars. (launching this Sept)

    Face the facts. US chief of Naval Intelligence had recently admitted, they have consistently under estimated China speed and scope of advancement in Military Science. Before you made further derogatory remarks about the Chinese recent achievement, I have to ask you how much do you know about China commitment to R & D in all frontiers of Technology and advance Science.

    • godzillajet

      • best fighter: F-22
      best tank: Leopard 2
      best bomber: b-2
      best SAM: s-400
      best att. helicopter: Ka-52
      best ship: USS Enterprise
      best sub: german


      1. Using American technology and computer control
      2. Using american designed CPU
      3. bogus claim…

      4. bogus claim…
      5. Copied from stolen F-35 plans
      6. Could not get to the moon much less mars. Russian design spacecraft, updated by chinese engineers to move them from the 1960s. Nothing new developed technology wise.
      … look at the private companies preparing to service the U.S. Each has developed in a shorter time than China did (copying and just updating the soyuz) completely new space vessels.

      The Chief of Naval Intelligence wants to fund the US. If people knew how poorly china developed technology (or just plain stole US tech), no one would spend billions on the military.

  • Typhoonq

    Do you know that of the 9 Chinese politburo leaders that ruled China, 8 of them are engineers and 1 is a scientist as compared to US where most of the Cabinet ministers are lawyers and only Dr Steven Chu is a scientist and he is an ethnic Chinese.

    Do you know that prior to 1700 A.D China is the most prosperous and advance Nation. Most of her earlier inventions are still in used today.
    Do you know which Nation dominated in Maths & Science Olympia for the last Ten years ?
    Do you know which Nation dominatad in 2009 US NSA sponsored Computer Science Programming and Coding Competition.

    The answers are Chinese from China. Even participants from US, Canada and Australia have ethnic Chinese in their Teams.
    China produce a lot of brain power and now they are producing results.

    • vikram

      Do you know 10,000 years ago ethiopian cave men invented fire and developed tools for hunting and most of their earlier inventions are in use today…..

      • Life Journey

        Fire was never invented, it was a natural phenomenon, you ill educated Sand N. China invented most of what we are using today, without which, the world would still be in the stone age. smelting metal is China’s invention, check it out.


          If the chinese “invented smelting”, how come they had no use for it? Metal ware was used extensively in the older cultures of Rome and Greece..not in china. Even poor people could obtain it.

          Chinese claim to invent the compass, yet never used it on a ship. The vikings had lodestones and polarized stones to determine positioning well before them and were seafaring…something that could never be said of the Chinese. All of their journeys hugged the coastline. No Chinese voyage EVER left view of coast, even when trading with India.
          Claiming to have invented everything, when being found incapable of using the tools…proves it was more copying. It’s a culture of me too, not me first.

    • godzillajet


  • cassie

    nonses. let them start awar and see the mighty of of f-22 raptor

  • Joseph Tan

    TO DYLAN & what follows.

    THAT WAS WHAT I THOUGHT ABOUT. UNTIL J-20 stated to fly and the comment by Dr. Kopp (APA) ("Please click "J-20 Kopp") stated that even F/A -18 E/F (Super Hornet) and even F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) is no match to J- 20.

    Therefore do not UNDERESTIMAYE what China can do. Be VERY HUMBLE in your writing and GIVE RESPECT to the other.

    • Richard Crankwell

      Kopp and APA are FOOLS and blowhards. Anyone involved in aviation know this well.

  • badbob

    The American military is getting where they are dependent on Chinese parts to keep their ships at sea and their planes in the air. We no longer have the advantage we have been lead to believe. Compare the Cobra helicopter to it's counterpart of Russia. There is no comparison. Of coarse here in America we only use that hardware to set up puppet governments in third world countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • lonely creature

    I hope we can share a peaceful world without talking about weapon one day. All these things could be used to protect human being from alien.
    Another thing: US always want to keep everything under control. But one day they will lost their lead, ,just like 100 years ago England is the most powerful country. Currently, I don't think these Chinese stealth aircraft can pose a threat on US. But who know what will happen 100 years later.

  • Moodi

    Napolean and Hitler warned the world "Don't wakeup chinese dragon,if it wokeup it will shake the world" so i am not agreeing with those who write negative nonsense comments about china bcoz they are just racisist or afraid or having no idea about this nation..

  • Ronald Coleman

    In 1945 the German Wermacht together with the Russians marched into China that had been prepared by the Japanese and divded the nation into many provinces. While the Chinese can excerpt a strong military force over the world, the authority overseeing China can rule them in, any time they want. Prior to 1901 there was a Roman Empire that decided to burn all historical evidence that gave account of a Roman Empire that controls the world. Proof to these possibilities is evident by the battle of Narmandy, which we know as D.Day when the Germans allowed the allied forces to enter France and the fact that the Japanese bought most of their military hardware from Switzerland, during the Second World War. While this theory can be argued, that is because the world powers intend on testing a network, where technology is capable of producing messages in the sky and depending on what the messages say, will determine the outcome of any action, where China is becoming a threat to world security.

  • Patrick McDonald

    You know even until DEC 7TH; People mocked and joked laughing at the Japanese saying the Imperial Japanese Forces were tiny. Critics sarcastically and comfortably believed their own press that the Japanese were only capable of making shoddy toys. HE Double Hockey Sticks; Never disrespect nor underestimate the ingenuity of others. That's just too ethnocentric others are incapable of manufacturing superior technology. You fall on your own sword when you do not accept nor give credit to the capability of others. Nine more months and the Japanese would have completed their Jet fighter Forces created from the blueprints of the Luftwaffe Wunder Weapons Programs. 6 weeks before Hiroshima;The JIA would have perfected their A Bomb. 6 weeks. The Jet Air attack would have been another divine wind secret surprise for the 7TH Fleet to encounter. Japan had air hangers in the tunnels of their mountains. SPEEDO slave laborers honeycombed the mountains. Out of 1.3 Billion people;What makes you think an Einstein, an R.H. Teller, A Grace Hopper and the best of the best brilliant minds could not be cherry picked by a totalitarian authoritative government with an unlimited government sponsored banking system? Strategists plan on not making the same mistakes of past wars. Hitler said something to the effect whoever controls SPACE will rule the world. China can copy and reverse engineer just as Russia did with the captured Boeing long range American bombers. Some countries will dedicate whole regiments of cyber warriors to take down a power structure and black out all transport utilities and communications as well as intercept decoy and jam opponents. Millions of model people with discipline are working hard at conquering cyber space. Everyone should be at the top of their game. Man verses man then suddenly outta nowhere AI verses man. Let us be cerebral about our mission and face the reality no matter how disparaging and almost unbelievable as it is as it plays out. Dad used to say:"I can teach a monkey how to fly an air plane." He had me in a little yellow Navy plane outside of Belle Chase Naval Air Station. We flew over the Mississippi River and watched for any 600 mph screaming jet just to appear from outta nowhere. i reckon you could say i'm from The Wizard of OZ…Ah Flying monkey only Hilary (just kidding ) Hilary isn't sendin me out to fly. When it comes to respecting the Chinese Stealth Bomber let us say like Joe Friday;"Just the facts Mam."

  • CBS

    Typhoon q
    What a bunch of garbage. If the Chinese could get an original of there own, culturally they would too busy fighting over who gets credit for it rather than capitalizing on it. Chinese supercomputers?. Come on, how much technology can the communists steal from the US to make one on their own? Give me break guy. You want world domination (over) the US? Come and try to take it.

    • Chris

      Pat Rick, what you are saying is true, however, the Chinese do have Germans to supply them technology, and Russian weapons, copied or not were,and are still garbage. The war now is economic, and we are losing – for now. However, its far from over. Also, keep your eyes on India, they will challenge te communists in china too.

      • A Jesuit

        Good observational statement. Thank You


    maybe this one will come with an upgraded windup key on the back.

  • ranbhir

    tenson mat la …………………..its not stealth bomber it is a chinese garbage……………………….china ullo bana rha hai

  • Josh

    You have a mind of a westerner, the West World was forged with a colonization, slavery and war. This is where you are wrong; Yes the Eastern world had Slavery and War, but the Eastern World learnt from their mistakes. Which the Western World still does not admit they have still failed correct.

  • Jason Amil

    No…it just looks like one

  • Che

    projected topspeed and operational topspeed are not same

  • Che

    yeah chinese have stolen apache a64

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