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US vs Russian designs

Lots of people ask this question if American fighter planes are better in design or Russian. Well what we have to see here is that what these airforce really want, Russians have lots of ideas but don’t have enough cash to put them to use, on the other hand US has enough cash so they make their planes as per their airforce requirements.

Lets look at fighter planes of both of these airforces:
4.5 gen fighters:
F-15SE (Long range air superiority fighter)
F-16 FF (Multi-role medium range fighter)
F-18SH (Multi-role naval fighter)

5 gen fighters:
F-22(Long range air superiority fighter)
F-35A(multi-role fighter)-future
F-35B (naval version)-future

Russian Airforce:
4.5 gen fighters
Su-27 ‘Flanker-B’ (Air superiority long range fighter)
Su-30 ‘Flanker-C’ (variant of Su-27)
Su-33 ‘Flanker-D’ (variant of Su-27 naval)
Su-35 ‘Flanker-E'(variant of Su-27)
MiG-29 ‘Fulcrum’ (multi role medium range fighter)
MiG-31 ‘Foxhound-A

5 gen fighters:
Su-PAK FA (Air superiority fighter) -future

We see here that Russians have so many variants of Su-27. But USAF have different designs for each planes, I mean F-16 is completely different from F-18 and so on. But the Russian planes are easy to maintain and cheaper.

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  • Robert

    During exercise PACAF's Pacific Vison on Sept 25/08 revealed the United States air superiority is just a fanatsy. The exercise was xonsisted of face the Red Team one hundred Su-27SM, four Su-30 and two Su-35 against Blue Tema one hundred F-35, one hundred eighty seven F-22 and four hundered F/A-18E/F. The exercise showed the blue team higher in number of aircraft is double "inferior" when hundreds of Blue Forces aircraft were lost in the first 20 minutes downed by the Red Forces. on the other hand only 12 aircraft was downed in the Red Team. Result: Russian 4th and 4.5 generation, outnumbered 6/1 shot down so many F-22's, F-35's and F18's that the exercise was quickly brought to a halt. (And this is without Russia's new 5th Gen. Fighters now being produced) Furthermore there are numerous other instances where in the last 20 years, Russian fighters have outpreformed American and European fighters in all classes.

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